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Mayor’s State of the City–Says City is Positioned Well to Serve Millennial generation. METRO-NORTH Will Build New Railroad Station, They are Working with City to Develop it. Says City awaits Proposals for 4 City Sites Adjacent to Station. Says The Grid-Former Sholz Site Has an Anchor Tenant, And Lennar Pavilion Excavation Site Will Submit a Redesign. Esplanade Stalled Waiting Financing

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Clips of Mayor Tom Roach’s State of the City Comments to the White Plains Council of Neighborhood Associations Tuesday will be shown tonight on White Plains Week at 7:30 PM on Verizon Fios Channel 45 and Altice Cablevision Channel 76 and on the internet at www.wpcommunitymedia.org.

WPCNR SOUTH END TIMES. By John F. Bailey. December 15, 2017:

White Plains Mayor Tom Roach paid his annual visit to the White Plains Council of Neighborhood Associations Tuesday evening, and said the city was in good position to deliver what the millennial generation wants: walkable city without the necessity to drive everywhere.

He announced Metro North had announced they would build a new train station facility and the city was involved in Metro North’s planning for the station, disclosing no details about how the station was being developed and what the station would incorporate.

He was proud the city got nine submissions from potential developers of the four city-owned parcels on the eastern side of the station and said the city was now awaiting proposals from them.

He said when asked about progress of already approved major projects that–

The Grid former Sholz property had reached an agreement with a major anchor tenant which he said would be announced when the deal is complete and financing for the project could be obtained.

He said the Lennar project which as razed the former Pavilion mall was coming back to the city with a new design change in the project, that was not exactly clear  what it involved.

He said that projects already approved were not proceeding until financing was obtained, due to the changing retail market, but did not give details, one such project, he said is  the refurbishing of the Esplanade that was in progress but now in the process of securing financing to proceed with that interior conversion to apartments.

He said the city bond rating was stable and unchanged. He said the new parking “ap” now accounted for 25% of Parking revenues, considering it a success and that parking revenue was up and tickets were down.

He said the movie-tv production business was up in White Plains, and heartily recommended The Post movie which was shot almost entirely in White Plains.

You can see some of the Mayor’s remarks on White Plains Week this evening at 7:30 PM county-wide on Verizon Fios ch. 76 and Altice-Cablevision Channel 76 and on the internet at www.whiteplainsweek.com, youtube and www.wpcommunitymedia.org (live and after the show).

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New White Plains Salvation Army Major Jenny Alarcon and Salvation Army Board Member, White Plains Television’s John Vorperian, stopped by White Plains Television Studios this week  to give an update on The Salvation Army’s annual charity collection, the Red Kettle Campaign  to fund all The Salvation Army White Plains services for 2018.

Their interview  is now on the internet for viewing around the world on YOUTUBE or www.whiteplainsweek.com 

The Youtube link is
the whiteplainsweek,com link is


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Mike Spano, Mayor of Yonkers for Next 2 Years, Announces He Will Run for Vacated Latimer Seat in the White Plains 37th District.

WPCNR ALBANY ROUNDS. From the Mike Spano Campaign. December 13, 2017:

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today announced his intention to seek the Democratic Party nomination for the 37th State Senate District, which will become vacant January 1st when Senator George Latimer becomes Westchester County Executive.

“We’ve turned Yonkers around during my six years as mayor,” said Spano, adding, “I want to put that record of success and leadership to work for the people of the 37th District.”

Spano released a video to launch his campaign which can be viewed at


“I’ll work to get Albany’s attention to our needs, and you can bet I’ll stand up for Westchester values against the assault we are under from the Trump administration,” said Spano.

Spano said he has been talking to Democratic activists and district leaders throughout the 37thDistrict, and is extremely heartened by their encouragement. “The support is strong, and once the Governor sets the date for a special election, they know I’m going to hit the ground running.”

Spano said his priorities will be to fight for a fair share of education funding for Westchester school districts, to ensure the area economy remains strong, and to hold the line on taxes. “People want good jobs, they want good schools, and they don’t want to be taxed out of existence,” said Spano, “That’s what this election will be about.”

Elected as Mayor in 2011 after representing Yonkers as an Assemblyman, Spano led the City to success in a wide variety of areas. He transformed the City’s bond rating from near-junk status to an “A” rating by Moody’s and Standard & Poors. All of his submitted budgets stayed within the state property tax cap. He inherited a $55 million shortfall in school district funds due to accounting  errors begun under the prior administration, and fixed the problem without resorting to layoffs or cuts in education programs.

Under Spano’s watch nearly $2 billion in private investment has flowed into the city, transforming the downtown and providing housing and jobs throughout the city. Crime is at an all-time low, and Wallet Hub recently designated Yonkers as one of the 100 best cities in the United States.  “Westchester needs strong leadership in the State Senate,” he concluded. “I’m ready to provide it.”

The 37th State Senate District stretches from parts of Yonkers and New Rochelle in the south following the eastern side of the county to Bedford. It is comprised of Bedford, Bronxville, Eastchester, Harrison, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Port Chester, Rye, Rye Brook, Tuckahoe, White Plains and Yonkers.

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Power Monitoring Diagnostic Center Opens at New York Power Authority in White Plains

WPCNR THE POWER NEWS. From the Office of Governor Andrew M.Cuomo. December 12, 2017:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the opening of a new, cutting-edge digitized power asset monitoring and diagnostic center at the New York Power Authority’s headquarters in White Plains. The initiative is a major milestone in the Governor’s Reforming the Energy Vision strategy to build an energy system that is cleaner, more resilient and affordable and is part of the Governor’s investment in clean energy technology and innovation.

The new Integrated Smart Operations Center, known as the iSOC, will analyze the performance of NYPA’s power generation assets and statewide network of transmission lines to identify problems and issues before they occur in an effort to prevent potential service outages and reduce repair and replacement costs. The new center also advances the state’s goal to become the first all-digital public power utility in the U.S.

“With the opening of this state-of-the-art center, we are modernizing our state energy system and creating a more resilient, reliable and flexible power grid helping to grow our clean energy economy,” Governor Cuomo said. ”This hub keeps New York at the forefront of innovation while leading the nation in combatting climate change through bold investments in clean energy technology, helping to secure a greener future for all.”

The state-of-the-art center, uses GE Digital’s predictive analytics software to forecast and prevent equipment failures and significant outages at NYPA’s 16 power plants and more than 1,400 circuit miles of transmission lines. NYPA will use GE’s software to monitor several aspects of its generation and transmission operations. NYPA plans to integrate additional monitoring capabilities on GE’s Predix application platform in the future, including emergency operations, cybersecurity, physical security, network operations, information technology and data analytics.

Online monitoring of power plants, sub-stations and power lines will increase plant efficiency and productivity, reduce unplanned downtime, lower maintenance costs and minimize operational risks. The technology also will help NYPA make continued progress in meeting the Governor’s Clean Energy Standard, which requires that half of all electricity in New York comes from renewable sources and that greenhouse gas emissions be reduced 40 percent by 2030.

New York State Chairman of Energy & Finance Richard L. Kauffman said,”Utilities need to move more aggressively into the digital age if we are to build a grid that is more affordable, resilient and with fewer emissions. Much as it did as a pioneer in the early days of large scale hydro development, NYPA is setting the pace to become the nation’s first digital end-to-end utility.”

“Today is a banner day for NYPA and a historic day for New York State’s energy system,” said John R. Koelmel, chairman, NYPA Board of Trustees. ”This digital power operations center will help NYPA make optimal, cost-efficient asset management decisions at its power generating facilities that will improve performance, lower operating costs, and help to reduce carbon emissions throughout the state by running more efficient generation and transmission facilities.”

“Deploying these breakthrough technologies marks a major step in NYPA’s effort to become the nation’s first digital utility, end-to-end, and sets a new standard in utility asset management,” said Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA president and CEO.”By using advanced data analysis to monitor all our assets simultaneously, we can continue to provide low-cost and reliable power while making smart and efficient operating decisions real time.”

“We applaud this tremendous step for NYPA, as the Authority leads the way for digital transformation in the power and utility industry. Our collaboration can serve as an example for how GE’s digital solutions are purpose built for industry, increasing efficiency and productivity in some of the most complex operations,” said Bill Ruh, CEO of GE Digital and Chief Digital Officer of GE. “Through a fully integrated approach to big data and analytics, our software solutions like Asset Performance Management are helping organizations like NYPA turn insights into action and make power affordable, reliable, accessible and sustainable.”

NYPA began using the system to monitor its 500-megawatt power plant in Queens in December 2016 and has now expanded its use to monitor all of its generation and transmission assets. Data is collected from more than 24,000 strategically deployed sensors embedded in equipment and analyzed for signs of normal aging. Data highlights are displayed in real time on an 81-foot video wall, where more than a dozen data screens draw attention to significant deviations. NYPA engineers can then promptly address potential issues with plant operations managers.

Also housed on the 25,000-square-foot all-digital floor will be NYPA’s New York Energy Manager (NYEM) and its Advanced Grid Innovation Laboratory for Energy (AGILeacc), which uses “big data” analytics to simulate, develop, deploy and integrate the next-generation electric grid, further positioning New York State as a leader in electric grid research.

Predictive analytics have already helped NYPA address issues that could have escalated into more serious problems had they not been diagnosed and addressed early. Going forward, the iSOC will help prevent potentially expensive shut downs of power assets for repairs or replacement.

The asset health center is also key in helping NYPA achieve the goals of its 2020 strategic plan to improve the efficiency and reliability of its facilities while making them more cost effective.

Smart Space Fosters Collaboration and Innovation

Today’s unveiling also included a presentation about how NYPA’s AGILe initiative fosters collaboration with academia, government and the private sector working on joint research and the development of smart-grid technology. Quiniones and NYPA staff also explained how the New York Energy Manager, housed both on the digital floor and in Albany, uses advanced data analytics to provide thousands of state buildings with information on their energy use to help them increase efficiencies and achieve cost savings.


The iSOC unites several NYPA departments in a shared collaborative, physical space aimed to inspire creativity, problem solving and partnership. The floor also houses NYPA’s emergency operations center, strategy team, and research, technology development and innovation offices. In addition, an “Innovation Zone” open plan workspace encourages engineers, program and project leaders, and customers to collaborate on new ideas and develop new solutions and applications.

For more information, as well as pictures of the space and videos, visit NYPA’s Integrated Smart Operations Center web page. To learn more about Reforming the Energy Vision, including the Governor’s $5 billion investment in clean energy technology and innovation, visit www.ny.gov/REV4NY and follow us at @Rev4NY.




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Governor Cuomo Announces Plan to Protect Puerto Rico Lectric Grid in Future Storms

WPCNR PUERTO RICO REPORT. From of the Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. December 12, 2017:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Governor Ricardo Rosselló today announced a plan to rebuild and transform Puerto Rico’s electric power system, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Maria in September. The envisioned system will be more resilient, efficient, advanced, and less dependent on fossil fuel imports that cost Puerto Ricans more than $2 billion annually.

“In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in New York, a plan was immediately put into place to harden and enhance the power grid to ensure storms would not damage our communities in the future – and now is the time to implement a similar plan to ensure these upgrades are also completed in Puerto Rico,” Governor Cuomo said. “We need to act now to transform the island’spower grid and provide the people of Puerto Rico with a modern and reliable electric system.”

“As we continue to address the challenges of rebuilding Puerto Rico and restoring power to residents across the island, Governor Cuomo and the people of New York are stepping up yet again to provide unwavering support throughout this difficult recovery process,” said Governor Rosselló. “I applaud the actions of the Puerto Rico Energy Resiliency Working Group for developing this plan and creating a critical foundation to rebuild and reimagine Puerto Rico’s electric power system.”

The plan, created by the Puerto Rico Energy Resiliency Working Group established by Governor Cuomo to aid the island in its damage assessment and power grid rebuild planning, calls for the island’s new electric power system to be designed with the resiliency to withstand future storms and to be built with modern grid technologies and control systems. The new system will have increased renewable generation, such as wind and solar; incorporate new distributed energy resource technologies, such as energy storage and microgrids; reduce dependency on fossil fuels; and enable energy to become abundant, affordable and sustainable for the people of Puerto Rico.

The working group’s rebuild recommendations are based on experience implementing power system recovery, rebuilding and hardening in the aftermath of hurricanes encountered on the U.S. mainland over the last decade. The recommendations include the use of modern technology and incorporate lessons learned from the successful rebuild efforts in other regions after natural disasters, such as Superstorm Sandy in New York. Additionally, the plan’s recommendations align with the U.S. Department of Energy’s recommendations for power system hardening and resiliency.

Consistent with the observed wind speeds from Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s new system needs to withstand a Category 4 storm, which produces wind speeds of 155 miles/hour and heavy floods. The plan also calls to modernize the Puerto Rico electric grid, leveraging proven power system technologies to better contain outages, reduce recovery times, lower operations costs and enable more sustainable energy resources.

The development of this plan was undertaken in parallel with New York State’s post-hurricane assessment and restoration support to Puerto Rico that began in September. Currently, more than 450 New York State utilities workers are on the ground in Puerto Rico, working diligently to repair the island’s power grid.

New York resources and personnel currently in Puerto Rico arrived in November following two previous deployments of New York Power Authority technical experts to Puerto Rico announced by Governor Cuomo on September 22 and September 29. In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria, those NYPA electric utility crews embedded themselves within PREPA to assist in the triage of the power grid that included the assessment of virtually all of the island’s 360 substations.

“After Superstorm Sandy, Governor Cuomo saw firsthand the real hardships of New Yorkers without electricity and heating for days and even weeks on end,”Richard Kauffman, Chairman of Energy and Finance, New York State.  ”The Governor immediately put into action a strategy to rebuild the grid of the past with the grid of the future under Reforming the Energy Vision, or REV, for a cleaner, more resilient and affordable energy system. I’m proud to be part of the plan to ensure Puerto Ricans will benefit from New York’s experience and knowledge as we help the U.S. territory rebuild their grid.”

“Governor Cuomo understood early on that it would be necessary to not only rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid to restore electric service for the people of Puerto Rico, but also to develop a plan for Puerto Rico’s power grid of the future,” Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA president and CEO, said. “NYPA, and our collaborators in the Governor’s working group, want to seize this opportunity to transform and harden Puerto Rico’s electric system to ensure that this catastrophic damage does not repeat itself.”

The Puerto Rico Energy Resiliency Working Group, which put forth the plan with the assistance of Navigant Consulting, Inc., is comprised of power utilities and leading entities in the energy sector, including:

  • New York Power Authority (NYPA)
  • Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA)
  • Puerto Rico Energy Commission
  • Consolidated Edison (Con Edison)
  • U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
  • Edison International
  • Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
  • Long Island Power Authority (LIPA)
  • Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA)
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL)
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Grid Modernization Lab Consortium (GMLC)
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)





Additional news available at www.governor.ny.gov
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WPCNR COUNTY CLARION-LEDGER. From the Westchester County Office of Communications. December 11, 2017:

Late this afternoon, after the County Legislature had voted 12-5 to approve an expanded budget  2% over and above what County Executive Robert Astorino had submitted, adding job positions and 31 persons to the county payroll and increasing funding of community service organizations, the County Executive issued this statement:

“There’s no reason to raise property taxes on the already overburdened residents and businesses of Westchester. I proposed a budget that was balanced and provided sufficient revenues for county services. For that reason, I will veto the budget and its tax increase approved by the Board of Legislators.”

The Legislature margin of 12-5 must hold if the legislature is to override the promised Astorino veto. All nine Democrats voted for the budget and three Republicans, David Tubiolo, David Gelfarb and James Maisano also voted for the budget. Any one of the Republicans could change their mind, and reestablish the Astorino budget.

David Gelfarb, a Republican, was not reelected in the November election, having been defeated by Nancy Barr. He would be the most likely to change his vote. Mr Maisano could also change his vote. Mr. Tubiolo could, too.


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Following organizational meetings held as part of his Transition Team planning, County Executive-elect George Latimer (D-Rye) has announced the public hearing schedule for each of the six subcommittees.

“These hearings are another step in ensuring input from residents and stakeholders in Westchester,” Latimer said. “They are a crucial step in my transition – gathering information that will be utilized so that we all move Westchester forward together,” he added.

Committee Meeting Date/Time Location*
Criminal Justice 12-13-17 – 6:00 pm White Plains Library
Health and Mental Health 12-13-17 – 7:00 pm Yonkers Riverfront Library
Social Services and Human Rights 12-14-17 – 6:00 pm White Plains Library
Administrative Services 12-18-17 – 6:00 pm Mamaroneck Library
Economic Development 12-19-17 – 6:00 pm Mt. Kisco Public Library
Operational Services 12-19-17 – 7:00 pm White Plains Library

The hearings are open to the public. Speakers at these hearing will be limited to three minutes apiece. Written comments can be submitted directly to the committees, by e-mailing them to LatimerTransition2017@gmail.com, in lieu of appearing at the hearings.

The Transition Team, led by County Legislator Ken Jenkins and former County Legislator and Pleasantville Mayor John Nonna, will utilize the information gathered from these hearings to help County Executive-elect Latimer chart a plan moving forward.

The transition process is expected to continue into January.

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WPCNR COUNTY CLARION-LEDGER. By John F. Bailey. December 11, 2017:

Westchester Legislators passed  the Westchester County 2018 budget by a vote of 12 to 5. The margin included a switchover of two Democrats who had previously voted for Astorino budgets in the last two years, and were the margin of victory for the previous two years (Mike Kaplowitz and Virginia Perez) giving the Democrats a veto-proof budget, if the margin holds.

It is the first County budget increase in 7 years. Budgets had previously been passed when not enough Democrats voted for the budget to deny County Executive Robert Astorino vetos, allowing Astorino’s refusal to increase the budgets  and taxes to stand.

The Democrats voted to raise the budget this year on the rising tide of the George Latimer victory over Mr. Astorino in the November county executive election.

The budget includes funding for  social programs as well as adding back into the budget, 7 parks curator at a cost of $441,000,  12 engineers ( legislators said to take care of $1.6 Billion in infrastructure needs). Those engineers were on the county staff in 2016, and apparently will have to work a lot harder to get those $1.6 Billion in infrastructure projects rolling. The Board of Legislators did not mention the list of $1.6 billion in infrastructure the Astorino Public Works Department  with the 12 engineers restored on the payroll had neglected, apparently according to the Board.

Other County staff positions that were restored were 10  positions Mr. Astorino removed from the County Executive’s office at a cost of $782,000 according to the Journal News. The Democrats also added 14 persons to the Board of Elections.

The Board of Legislators said they needed to keep government running at the level depended upon by Westchester residents.

The  increase in budget  adds additional jobs  restored by the legislature as well as a series of increases in allotments to mostly non-profit community service organizations.

The new budget raises  taxes 2%  –  half of the allotted tax cap of 4.4%. These funds are, the legislature said, to help cover the over $30M of fictitious revenue included by the Astorino Administration budget proposal which the County’s independent auditors advised the Board of Legislators to delete. The $30 Million consisted of the Astorino plan for leasing the Westchester County Airport to balance the budget he had submitted, that was rejected by the legislature.

There is the possibility the legislature may approve such a lease of the airport because they will examine it in January when the incoming George Latimer administration takes over. The legislature is also waiting a first payment by Standard Amusements due December 31, to start the Standard Amusements Playland lease that has been dragging on for two years. If Standard does not make the payment, Mr. Latimer has said he will reexamine that Playland deal, too.

“Our financial situation is not a pretty one, but I am proud this legislature was able to come together in a bi-partisan manner to pass a budget that manages the County’s finances responsibly for the people of Westchester,” said Majority Leader Catherine Borgia (D-Ossining). “We just received another negative outlook from the credit rating agencies; we needed to get real with our finances…”


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The White Plains Salvation Army Needs You to Make This Year’s Bell-ringing Street Campaign its best year ever–when your help is needed more than ever.

 jenny and sam

New Corps Officers Jenny and Sam Alarcon of  White Plains Salvation Army Mission Invite you to ring bells  for good for the Salvation Army in White Plains, New York, USA


You’ve always admired them, standing on corners in the snow and cold smiling and ringing their bells of cheer, giving back to the community.

You’ve always wanted to ring those wonderful bells that Salvation Army volunteers in White Plains greet you with every year at malls and street locations  throughout the city — right?

Now’s your chance to fulfill that dream this week and through the holidays

If you want to volunteer to ring those holiday bills, wear the Salvation Army red celebrating the joy of giving and spreading holiday cheer, and fill your red pot with needed donations that keep the good coming that the Salvation Army does  for White Plains through the year ,contact The Salvation Army  at


Call now while you’re thinking about it!

(If after hours, wait, leave a message in the telephone mailbox,we’ll get back to you.)

The Salvation Army mission wants you, Mr. and Mrs. And Ms. White Plains to help ring the Salvation Army bells,  feel good doing good with every donation from passersby, shoppers, and the spirit of White Plains that goes into your cheery red pot.


New White Plains Salvation Army Major Jenny Alarcon and Salvation Army Board Member, White Plains Television’s John Vorperian, stopped by White Plains Television Studios Friday morning to spread good cheer and give an update on The Salvation Army’s annual charity collection to fund all The Salvation Army White Plains services for 2018.

Their interview will be televised Thursday evening, December 14 on White Plains Television’s People to Be Heard at 8 PM on White Plains Altice-Cablevision Channel 76 and countywide on Verizon Fios Channel 45, and again on both networks at 7 PM, on Saturday December 16 on those same stations it is also available Thursday on the internet at www.wpcommunitymedia.org at anytime  and also YouTube and at the www.whiteplainsweek.com site on Friday, December 17.

Ms. Alarcon with her husband, Samuel are the new Corps Officers appointed in July to manage the diversified services the White Plains Salvation Army offers:

The daily Food Pantry program, counseling services, the music program for youngsters, tutoring and an after-school day care program that’s a life-saver for White Plainsians.

Always wanted to help? In the holiday spirit? Call 914-949-2908 and ask about bell-ringing on the streets of White Plains or in malls,  or leave your name if interested in volunteering in any capacity for the White Plains Salvation Army.

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