Children of Undocumented immigrants in Westchester County Expected to be Left in Westchester if the Parents are deported.

WPCNR COUNTY-CLARION-LEDGER. From Catherine Borgia, Westchester County Legislator. (Edited) March 20, 2017:

“There are approximately 60,000 undocumented immigrants that live in Westchester County, most of them are the parents of US citizen children,” added Carola Bracco, Executive Director, Neighbors Link. “To have these parents live in fear of deportation has a profound negative effect on their children’s ability to succeed academically and emotionally.  If parents are deported, we know from the Migration Policy Institute that most of these parents will leave their children in the United States. Westchester County will be faced with a significant challenge and cost to ensure these children, mostly US Citizens, thrive without their parents,” concluded Bracco.

Bracco made the remarks last Friday, where close to a hundred direct service care providers from all over Westchester County convened at a meeting of the Board of Legislators Families Task Force to learn more about how to best serve their immigrant communities.

“We created our task force to work on issues that have a large impact on Westchester County’s families and in light of what is happening to our immigrant brothers and sisters, we felt this was a needed workshop to host,” said Legislator Catherine Borgia, who has recently introduced the Immigrant Protection Act, a bill that would restrict the use of County funds to assist in federal immigration enforcement. “Thank you to all of the panelists who joined us and shared their expertise. I, as well as many others who attended, learned a great deal of new information and best practices that we can work to institute. Westchester County is a welcoming community and we all must work together to ensure it stays that way,” added Borgia.

Professor Vanessa Merton of John Jay Legal Services emphasized: ”By far the most effective way for Westchester County to ensure the just and accurate treatment of all its noncitizens – those with various types of visa as well as those who are nondocumented – is to help make competent, ethical legal representation available to those who cannot otherwise obtain it.  Without quality representation for immigrants, the federal government will continue to break its own law and make terrible mistakes that destroy the lives of those qualified for and deserving of lawful status in this country.”


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Adolf Hitler’s First Three Months.

WPCNR NEWS & COMMENT. March 18, 2018:

According to the book, THE LIFE AND DEATH OF ADOLF HITLER by Robert Payne, Adolf Hitler’s first moves after assuming power in Germany were:

  1. He eliminated 7 clauses in the German Constitution, eliminating privacy of postal,telegraphic and telephone communications, freedom of assembly and association, freedom of the press, freedom to hold one’s own opinions and the right to be secure from arrest.
  2. All State Governments were taken over by National Socialists(the Nazi Party), officials of the governments were arrested.
  3. Trade Union leaders and officials were arrested.
  4. The Ministry of Enlightment and Propaganda under Joseph Goebbels was formed. It controlled the press, publishing, radio, motion pictures and entertainment.
  5. He established Special Courts to try political offenders with no jury and no legal representation.
  6. He gave government power to arrest people for malicious criticism of government and the party.
  7. He persuaded President Von Hindenberg to sign Article 2, “Law for the Relief of the Distress of the People and the Reich, that according to author Payne, “The Laws decreed by the Reich government can deviate from the Reich Constitution in so far as they do not apply to the institution of the Reichstag.Article 2 meant that Hitler’s laws could deviate  from the German constitution whenever he pleased.

Payne writes, “All through the (first) year …where previously he had spoken of himself with a certain modesty, now he permitted his ego free rein and celebrated himself with fervor, luxuriating in the absolute power…in three months, all that was free and generous now vanished at his orders, and there came into existence a harsh mechanical world of senseless commands and equally senseless punishments. Only one enthusiasm was permitted—enthusiasm for Hitler. What was strange and ominous was that few people protested.”


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County Airport Lease Review Process Explained by County Legislator

WPCNR COUNTY CLARION-LEDGER. From the Westchester County Board of Legislators. March 18, 2017:

At a recent Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL) Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting, Legislators met with Doreen Frasca, Ken Cushine and their staff from Frasca & Associates, LLC.

Frasca is a Transportation Consulting and Financial Advisory firm which was hired by Westchester County to conduct a Request For Proposals (RFP) to select a new private operator for Westchester County Airport. In public-private partnerships, Frasca works exclusively for the municipal entity.
Frasca & Associates has expertise in lease negotiations for facilities with airlines and other airport tenants and developing public/private partnerships. Frasca was selected from 12 firms who responded to a preceding RFP to conduct the search for a private operator at the county airport. The firm was chosen by the Westchester County Airport Advisory Task Force.

The Airport Task Force will continue to work with Frasca and the County Executive’s Office as the RFP process continues.

Frasca proposed a bifurcated RFP that would contain an explanation of each firm’s technical capabilities and expertise. Those firms whose capabilities match the technical requirements for a private partnership will then be evaluated based on their financial proposals.
During the COW meeting, Frasca presented a plan to solicit proposals from possible private operators. The proposed schedule envisions a deadline for responses to the RFP around the middle of July.

The date for Westchester County to choose an operator would then fall in mid-September. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would then review the final lease- a process that takes at least 75 days. By Frasca’s estimate, contingent on a timely FAA review, Westchester County could have a deal in place with a new private operator by the end of November 2017.
Following the meeting, Legislator David Gelfarb, in whose Legislative District the Westchester County Airport is located said, “As always, I expressed my concern about the impact of a possible transaction on the neighboring communities. I am especially concerned about increased traffic, noise and water pollution, and the impact on the overnight curfew and of new capital projects. I also want to ensure that the neighboring communities are given an opportunity to be heard and to meet with the County’s financial advisor. Lastly, I am concerned that there is real competitive bidding, that the transaction be financially fair and beneficial and that the length of the contract be fair to the County.”
Legislator Francis Corcoran, serves as a member of the three member Airport Advisory Task Force and has been working in the financial/capital markets arena for 30 years. “With tens of millions of dollars in revenue virtually trapped at the county airport because of FAA regulations I believe the County’s proposal to partner with a private company to unlock those airport revenues for general budget use is a smart and resourceful plan.” Corcoran said. “There aren’t a lot of companies with the experience, expertise and capital to take on a partnership of this scope and length. I look forward to hearing the proposals that result from this RFP.”

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wpweek for 3-17 has been posted — the youtube link is
the link is

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Board of Education Elections: Call for Petitions

WPCNR SCHOOL DAYS. From the City School District. March 17, 2017:

The Annual White Plains Board of Education Budget Vote and Election will take place on Tuesday, May 16, 2017, Noon to 9 P.M., at six voting districts.

Two Board seats will be up for election, each with a three-year term of office, beginning July 1, 2017.

Candidates must be United States citizens, 18 years of age or more and residents of White Plains for at least one year.  Petitions are available from Michele Schoenfeld, District Clerk, at 5 Homeside Lane.  They must be signed by 100 qualified voters and returned by April 26th.

Registration, for qualified voters new to the City, or those who are not registered to vote in general elections, will take place on Saturday, April 29th, Noon to 5 P.M., at Mamaroneck Avenue School, Nosband Avenue.  A resident who has moved within White Plains during the last year may also change his/her voting address at that time.

Absentee ballots will be available by application to the District Clerk, for any voter who will not be in White Plains during the hours of the election.

For further information, please call 422-2071.

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WPCNR SOUTH END TIMES.From The French American School of New York.(Edited) March 16,  2017:

(Editor’s note: Commenting on the vote of the White Plains Common Council Wednesday evening where the White Plains Common Council decided 5-2 that Parcel A  of the former Ridgeway Country Club site, was still an “evironmentally sensitive site,” and still required a 5-2 super majority for approval of the French American School of New York campus project, the school issued this statement to WPCNR Thursday afternoon:

John Botti, a member of the FASNY Board of Trustees who is overseeing the plan for the new School, said: “We’re obviously pleased that the Council is at last moving forward toward making a final determination on the reduced plan that has now been under review for more than six years, and we’re confident that we will obtain the votes required to approve the project. Frankly, the drastically reduced plan we have agreed to merits a 7-0 vote.”

The modified plan reduces the number of students by 33%, traffic by a further 42%, building square-footage by 39% and Hathaway Lane is maintained as a public roadway. Development is limited to 28 acres solely on Parcel A.

At the same time, FASNY has fulfilled its commitment to create a publicly accessible open space park by having placed a conservation easement on 51 acres on August 29, 2016. This has become the largest conservation easement in southern Westchester offering miles of bicycle and pedestrian trails, all at no cost to the taxpayers of White Plains.

Botti said “It is unfortunate that the leadership of the Gedney Neighborhood Association continues to engage in personal attacks and a war of attrition against the City and School. They have been willing to enter costly and wasteful litigation in an attempt to keep the failed country club as a private backyard for their exclusive use, keeping others out. This is despite the fact that they are 0-4 in prior litigations.”
He added:

“The vast majority of City residents continue to support the reduced School plan put forth in the Settlement to the prior litigation. We’re hopeful that tonight’s vote signals that the end of this unnecessarily lengthy approval process, by far the longest and most arduous in City history, is finally moving toward a final approval.”

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SEIU UNION ON THE TRUMP BUDGET: “America You Are on Your Own”

WPCNR NATIONAL WIRE. From the Service Employees Union International. March 16, 2017:

The following statement is from Héctor Figueroa President of 32BJ SEIU one of the largest unions representing immigrant workers in the country:

“Trump’s spending plan is truly a budget to nowhere. Wasting billions we don’t have on a useless wall we don’t need won’t fix our broken immigration system.

The largest defense spending increase in the history of the largest military in the world won’t make our country any safer.

Gutting the EPA won’t make the threat of climate change go away.

Slashing the Department of Labor won’t make our workforce more productive or irresponsible employers’ offences less damaging.

Crushing the Department of Housing will decimate affordable housing in places like New York City.

Deep cuts to the Department of Education is not putting American kids first.

This is the budget of an administration at war with reality that only serves the needs of the already wealthy and powerful. For Trump and his team of cronies the message to America is: you are on your own.”

With more than 163,000 members in 11 states and Washington DC, 32BJ SEIU is the largest property service workers union in the country.

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Mayor de Blasio Will Not Be Charged in Alleged Election Fundraising Improprieties at this time

WPCNR FBI WIRE. From the Federal Bureau of Investigation. March 16, 2017:

Acting U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim

Statement On The Investigation Into City

Hall Fundraising

“In response to allegations of misconduct, this Office, along with the FBI, has been investigating fundraising by and on behalf of Mayor Bill de Blasio for his 2013 election campaign, the Campaign for One New York, and the 2014 State Senate effort.

We have conducted a thorough investigation into several circumstances in which Mayor de Blasio and others acting on his behalf solicited donations from individuals who sought official favors from the City, after which the Mayor made or directed inquiries to relevant City agencies on behalf of those donors.

In considering whether to charge individuals with serious public corruption crimes, we take into account, among other things, the high burden of proof, the clarity of existing law, any recent changes in the law, and the particular difficulty in proving criminal intent in corruption schemes where there is no evidence of personal profit.

After careful deliberation, given the totality of the circumstances here and absent additional evidence, we do not intend to bring federal criminal charges against the Mayor or those acting on his behalf relating to the fundraising efforts in question.

Although it is rare that we issue a public statement about the status of an investigation, we believe it appropriate in this case at this time, in order not to unduly influence the upcoming campaign and Mayoral election.”

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Commentary on Council Vote


Dear Mayor and Common Council:                                                                                       
 Thank you for voting to reaffirm the Environmentally Sensitive designation of Parcel A of the old golf course property at last night’s Common Council meeting.
FASNY has submitted so many plan changes in the 6 years they have been trying to build in WP that we wanted to provide some factual evidence so our elected officials and residents are on the same page as to what FASNY is really asking the City for.  Unfortunately FASNY’s new site plan submission is their most dangerous plan so far and is a serious threat to the health, safety and welfare of the current 5,000 WP School Children walking, biking and commuting to their 10 existing WP schools on the small country streets without sidewalks surrounding FASNY’s property.  FASNY’s plan is also a threat for Seniors and other Residents walking and riding in the Southend of the City. . .and the bottlenecks from FASNY Traffic are sure to increase Emergence Response Times for many homes.
Since their purchase of the old golf course property 6 years ago FASNY’s plan submissions and communication efforts to the Residents of WP have been plagued with numerous factual inaccuracies.
And this latest FASNY Site Plan is no exception as we would describe it as a “fake news” submission because FASNY is taking credit for Traffic, School Enrollment and Construction reductions. . .only because FASNY has not included their Lower School and Nursery School student enrollments. . .or their building development plans for Parcels B, C & D. . .all of which were in prior FASNY submissions.
 And their omission now most likely violates NYS SEQR regulations on “Segmentation”. . .which we will go into in more detail in our next missive.  Why has this City Administration allowed FASNY to submit so many misleading and factual inaccurate plans?
If FASNY when they bought the old golf course property 6 years ago had undertaken a more comprehensive due diligence they would have realized that the property’s wetlands, watercourses and underground streams require more detailed Environmental testing and analyses that in the end could restrict future development.
When we moved to WP back in 1979 our own due diligence indicated that the old golf course was originally created back in the 1920s by covering over underground streams. . .so any type of future development of the property would be problematic.  In fact both FASNY and the Common Council deemed FASNY’s entire property as Environmentally Sensitive back in 2011 and confirmed this again in the December 2013 SEQR Findings report.
So why now after 6 years did FASNY in its latest Site plan try to have the Environmentally Sensitive designation for Parcel A removed?
And if FASNY has never undertaken studies to identify where the old golf course’s underground streams are located. . .or preformed the necessary wetland testing and analytical studies. . .how can the City and residents determine the Environmental impact FASNY’s Construction activities will have on potential Flooding and Water problems with the surrounding community?
Unfortunately after 6 years FASNY still does (NOT) have all the information they need with regard to wetlands, watercourses and underground streams in order to determine where it is appropriate to safely build.                  
This FASNY saga has been has been enlightening to us. . .as we always thought it was our elected officials “#1″ responsibility to insure the safety of Residents and School Children as well as protect the integrity of the zoning on our homes. . .versus large developer threats.
While FASNY is (WAS) asking the City for a Special Permit. . .in effect FASNY is really trying to change the zoning on Parcel A. . .because if FASNY ‘s planned Construction is allowed, Parcel A will look like an over-built Downtown area that in no way will resemble its current R1-30 Residential zoning. 
We are thankful to Council Members Lecuona, Krolian and Hunt-Robinson for trying to protect the 5,000 WP School Children at their 10 existing WP schools coming into our neighborhood each day from the dangerous Traffic FASNY will bring.
And we are hopeful that Mayor Roach and Council Members Martin, Kirkpatrick and Smayda will re-consider their support for the outside developer FASNY. . .and try to re-direct their focus back to protecting our own WP School Children.
 All of our Council Members ran for office promising to protect Neighborhoods, Open Space as well as School Children and Seniors. . .and we urge each of you not to betray your own constituents by supporting FASNY’s massive development. . .which threatens Resident safety and zoning protections.
Even if you like the idea of a FASNY school, by all accounts a fine educational institution, as elected officials with your fiduciary responsibility to the Citizens of WP. . .you have to reject FASNY’s latest site submission. . .which is “their most dangerous plan” to date. . .with critical information not included, with numerous factual inaccuracies and with FASNY’s Traffic a threat to WP School Children and Residents.
For us FASNY’s revised plan is really about a massive Construction project in a WP residential community on current Open Space zoned at low density R1-30 on land designated as Environmentally Sensitive where the Traffic volume from FASNY’s “School Population Size” is both dangerous and unmanageable.
When you take a big picture look at the past 6 years. . .unfortunately FASNY picked the wrong location, one in a residential neighborhood, for their massive school. . .and followed up with inadequate due diligence and factually inaccurate plan submissions.  The FASNY lawyers and consultants have no one to blame but themselves.
Our full report with details to follow.
Thanks for your consideration.
Your Truth Police. . .Team Rhodes
Marie and Ron Rhodes
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Common Council Reaffirms Ridgeway Parcel A Site of Proposed FASNY Construction is an “Environmentally Sensitive” Site. Keeps 5-2 Majority Needed for Approval of Project in Play. SEE THE ACTION AS IT UNFOLDED ON CITY WEBSITE


In a televised 20-minute meeting just concluded at City Hall at 6:20 P.M,, Mayor Tom Roach, Councilwoman Milagros Lecuona, Councilman John Martin, Councilman Dennis Krolian, and Councilwoman Nadine Hunt-Robinson voted to approve the Commissioner of Planning Christopher Gomez’s Resolution presented last week that determines the Parcel A is still an “Environmentally Sensitive” site.

Viewers may see the action in its entirety as video taped by White Plains TV on the city’s website at

The French American School of New York had asked the city to declare the Parcel A not to be environmentally sensitive, which would have created a review of their Alternative Site Plan, that would only require a 4-3 margin for approval. Instead, by retaining the Environmentally Sensitive condition by tonight’s vote, the Council would still have to vote 5-2 in favor. Previously the vote on a North Street entrance to the site went down to defeat because only 4 Councilpersons voted for it. (They had needed 5 Council Votes.

The upshot of the Wednesday evening vote is the entire property is still classified “environmentally sensitive,” and requires a 5-2 vote for approval of a Special Permit to develop the site as a school campus.






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