Mayor Roach to Light City Christmas Tree Sunday,


City Lights, Bright Holiday Nights
Tree Lighting
Celebrate the sights and sounds of the season as the Mayor lights the City’s holiday tree. Carolers, Music, Ice Sculptors, Train Ride, Hot Chocolate and a visit from Santa.
Sunday, November 29
4 – 6 pm
Tibbits Park, North Broadway
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20151123-quinn 004JOHN BAILEY
















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The Thanksgiving Tour

WPCNR THIS WHITE PLAINS LIFE. By John F. Bailey First published in 2007: 

The celebrity is coming back to town. She was  dropped off in a little college town three months ago, having landed a bit role as a freshman at a humungus  campus in the middle west.  After sending her out there by plane, and the parents driving out her stuff, hooking up her computer with the exception of the printer,  and putting her in the dorm, she was on her own. This a kid who had to rely on skating mom to line up her skating lessons, skating practices, remind her of her homework, etc. , feel her skates to make sure they were sharpened.

Well today she came back after three months away from home with an occasional text message  and an e-mail and a phone call over the last 90 days mainly over the fate of Lloyd Carr, Mike Hart and Chad Henne and Ryan Mallet.  She is now back on her first “Thanksgiving Tour.” And so far I like it.

“You can go now, ” she said, were her last words when left at her dorm in August. We wondered, would she change.

Well it got closer and closer to Thanksgiving, and we did not go out for Parents Weekend — choosing a skating competition weekend instead. So other than arranging a flight back for her Wednesday, and exchanging football chit-chat we did not talk to her much.

Then last week, things happened.

First, we were told prior to Thanksgiving,  ”I don’t have to be picked up at the airport, my friend is picking me up.”

So just to make sure I called the new toast of College Town, USA, (she has made so many new friends on that metropolis of a campus), asking if her arrangements were all set for pickup today.

“Oh….ahhh dad, could you pick me up? Meghan can’t pick me up at the airport, her Dad has to have the car.”

I want you to know there was a time four months ago when, I as a parent would have pounced on this egregious lack of planning and continued the old pre-college parent -superior, daughter-irresponsible relationship.

But, no, being a rat-dog dick reporter and a “disgusting person,” I am subtle, I’m learning, devious,  I say to her, very matter-of-factly,  instead,

“No problem. I think it’s real tough driving to LaGuardia when you’re not experienced. I wouldn’t want Meghan saddled with that responsibility.”

So she says, “That’s great Dad.” (I had scored incredible points by not flying off the handle!)

Well, that felt good. So Wednesday morning the ingénue leaves her skating practice out at College Town USA and hops the shuttle to the airport. When she arrives at DTW, her flight is delayed. With my wife checking Northwest Orient (NorthWEST ORIENT AIRRRRRRRRRRRRRLINES, remember that commercial) every hour on the half hour, and ascertaining IF campus queen got on the shuttle to Detroit, was on the shuttle, has a credit card and knows how to pay, (she has missed this micromanaging),  we determine her flight is delayed until 1:40 PM.  Campus queen checks in from the waiting lounge by cellphone advising she is awaiting her plane.

But never fear the HOV lane in the sky is easing air traffic congestion all over America. Her Flight gets new equipment (which in airline-speak, means “plane”).


This enables me to go over and watch the Parker Stadium Ceremony. At the ceremony, Skating Mom calls and says Big Ten Princess has gotten on the plane. So I leave Parker Stadium at 1:30, and divert  to LaGuardia figuring the plane gets there from Detroit around about 3 PM.


But, oy! The anxiety of traffic reports, “reports” of airport delays was not to be believed. Though traffic was bumper to bumper northbound on the Hutch — it was wideopen southbound to the bridges, something you would not know from the traffic reports.


Then there’s the anxiety of weather reports! Bad weather in the midwest! FOG. Low ceilings! It is paralyzing.

But to listen to the radio traffic reports (“2 hour delays getting to the airports.” “Flights delayed.” ) without real specific information, I might add.   You listen to traffic reports today you’d never go anywhere.

You could not determine from the Radio 880 reports whether the Whitestone Bridge or Throgs Neck Bridge were backed up into the Bronx, for example, the traffic reports were somewhat useless and all they did do was create anxiety.

So I decide to divert to the Throgs Neck Bridge off the Hutchinson River Parkway southbound. I spend 10 minutes at the Throgs Neck, even in the cash lane, and I cross over realizing I could not get on the Cross Island westbound, so instead I shot down the wide open Clearview Expressway to the Long Island Expressway westbound to the Grand Central Parkway (Exit 22A) and I am parked at LaGuardia at 2:30 PM. One hour to LGA from White Plains despite the traffic reports on Getaway Day.

Meanwhile, communicating by cellphone with Orchestrating Mom, I am informed the Ice Princess is in the air, and I in turn inform Orchestrating Mom (who is cooking Thanksgiving dinner — we should have ordered Stu Leonard’s but she is a traditionalist), I have arrived and am waiting in the Delta Terminal.

Scanning the Boards at LGA Delta Terminal. You’re lucky if you can find your flight.

I mean LaGuardia is such a shabby airport on the arrivals level. No lounges, no seats, and very few boards telling you what’s coming in. Even the $5 Starbucks is lukewarm. I mean compared to Detroit this airport LGA is like a 30s airport which it is.

How did I ever manage to fly home from college without a cellphone? It is a miracle.

So the Flying Wolverinette calls me from the plane, informing me she has landed.

I tell her I’m wearing the Michigan hat.

She crackles from the aircraft: “You would be.”

So I wait at the escalators by the Northwest baggage claim. Each time a pair of blue jeans, boots or tights appears from the feet up to the waist I think it is the Ice Queen arriving…instead it turns out to be a woman in her 40s, 50s and up – way too old and too made up to be wearing that kind of bottom. Very disconcerting and funny and bizarre effect.

So finally she comes off the escalator and actually looks glad to see me.

And she is perfect!

I snap her picture she hugs me. I hug her.

I say, “I missed you.”

She says, “I missed you, too.”

I said, “You really did a great job these last 90 days.”

“Thanks Dad,” she says.

She is not the same, but I like what I see. Her nails are done better. She looks more confident. I love confidence in a woman.

So she tells me how she can hardly wait to drive a stick shift again. How nervous she is when driving with others at the wheel. How she doesn’t want to discuss the State game.

We have this incredible amusing ride back up to Westchester County.

A guy tailgates me on the Whitestone, one inch from my bumper and when I pull out to wheel over to the Whitestone…he yells “Learn how to drive.” She thinks this is hilarious, “You always told me to ignore those kind of people.”

Then – she lists all the things she has to do in the next two days before she goes back to College Town, USA. Tells me about the fraternity parties before the football games.  I think she is having way too much fun for $40Gs a year and up This is some camp. Though the grades are good.

She says she is going to play knockout late in White Plains tonight, a kind of dodgeball in the dark. I point out that she shouldn’t do that, what if she twists an ankle and can’t skate? She laughs.

I asked, “you missed that didn’t you?” (meaning my Dad advisories.)

“Noooooo, “ she says. “I haven’t heard that in three months.”

She has done a good job.

And you know what, she has.

And I have learned to text message. And I didn’t miss her as much as I thought I would.

Just watching television of a football game with 100,000 people in the stadium, thinking that she might be on camera some time during a game, I did not miss her much, did I?

We have grown closer together, since we’ve been apart.

It’s great to see the little sailboat negotiating the tricky headwinds of life herself, hoisting the sails on her own, and when she gets blown over, righting the hull herself.

I could never have done what she has done the last three months in College Town USA.

I loved picking her up at the airport.

I loved the way she looked at me when she saw me.

I like the way she’s changed.

And that’s a good thing.

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America’s Hometown

WPCNR ROVING PHOTOGRAPHER. Thanksgiving Portfolio, all photos by WPCNR: On this Thanksgiving, let us remember the band of hardy intrepid souls who crossed an ocean in a boat no  bigger than a large Chris Craft and settled in an unforgiving landscape and started a country in the cold landscape of New England.

They were helped by Indians who welcomed them, without whom they would not have survived. A salute to this brave band.

They sailed into a bay, dropped anchor and just carved out a living after living in incredible conditions in a ship’s hold for weeks, crossing the storm-tossed North Atlantic. Here are some views of America’s first hometown captured by the WPCNR Roving Photographer.

Plymouth Rock Landing. Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The Mayflower II. Plymouth Harbor.


Indian Statue of Squanto welcoming the Pilgrim Settlers. Plymouth.


Governor William Bradford Statue on the Shores of Plymouth Harbor

“Plymouth Rock,” The landing place of the pilgrims. 

Settlers Home, left, circa 1690. 

Church, Plymouth late 1700s. .

The Jury: Old Burial Ground, Plymouth. Last resting place of the pilgrims overlooking Plymouth Harbor. The sacrifices, bravery and perseverence of these persons stand as examples to Americans today. How are we doin’?


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Libous, Former State Senator, Gets 6 Months House Arrest for Lying to the FBI…His Terminal Illness Factor in House Arrest Decision

WPCNR FBI WIRE. From the Federal Bureau of Investigation. November 25, 2015:

Preet Bharara, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced today that New York State Senator THOMAS W. LIBOUS was sentenced to six months of house arrest for making false statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”). LIBOUS was convicted on July 22, 2015, following a seven-day trial in White Plains federal court before the Hon. Vincent L. Briccetti, United States District Judge, who also imposed Tuesday’s sentence.

The evidence at trial proved that a federal grand jury in White Plains was investigating allegations that THOMAS LIBOUS had obtained a job for a his son Matthew Libous at a Westchester law firm (“the Law Firm”) in exchange for a promise to refer business to the firm, and had arranged for an Albany lobbying firm that regularly lobbied him to secretly pay the law firm $50,000 per year to defray the cost of Matthew Libous’s salary and lease of a Range Rover. The lobbying firm specialized in transportation issues and THOMAS LIBOUS served as the Chairman of the Senate’s Transportation Committee at the time. The evidence also showed that THOMAS LIBOUS told a partner of the Law Firm that the firm would have to “build a new wing” to accommodate the business he would refer to it if it hired the member of his family.

Special Agents of the FBI interviewed THOMAS LIBOUS on June 24, 2010, as part of the grand jury’s investigation. The evidence at trial showed THOMAS LIBOUS made the following false statements to the agents during the interview:

  • he could not recall how Matthew Libous began to work at the Law Firm;
  • no deals were made to get Matthew Libous the job at the Law Firm;
  • he was not aware that the lobbying firm had paid any part of Matthew Libous’s salary at the Law Firm;
  • he never promised to refer work to the Law Firm;
  • he was not involved in Matthew Libous’s decision to work at the Law Firm;
  • he had no business or personal relationship with the Law Firm; and
  • he did know of any relationship between the lobbying firm and the Law Firm.

In imposing sentence, Judge Briccetti said LIBOUS’s conduct in lying to the FBI was “disgraceful” and took note of LIBOUS’s “total lack of remorse.” He called the monthly payments totaling $50,000 from the lobbying firm to the Law Firm the “elephant in the room” that LIBOUS had not explained. Judge Briccetti said that ordinarily he would have imposed a sentence of six months in prison but he declined to send LIBOUS to prison given his terminal medical condition.

In addition to the sentence of home confinement, LIBOUS, 62, of Binghamton, New York, was also sentenced to two years of supervised release and ordered to pay a fine of $50,000.

Mr. Bharara praised the investigative work of the FBI.

The prosecution is being handled by the Office’s White Plains Division. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Benjamin R. Allee and James McMahon are in charge of the prosecution.

This content has been reproduced from its original source.
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Downtown Music Coming in December at Grace Church

20151123 019

Guests filing in for this past Sunday Downtown Music at Grace Benefit featuring the world famous Highbridge Voices Chamber Choir from The Bronx, USA

20151123 029

20151123 030

Mary Clementi directs the Knightsbridge Choir Sunday in Grace Church

20151123 032

20151123 018

December Downtown Music Concert Schedule

Wednesday, December 2, 12:10PM

Cambiata TrioPamela Sklar, flute; Suzanne Mueller, cello;Mark McCarron, guitar. Cambiata performs classical, jazz standards, original music (by McCarron and Sklar) and arrangements of music by other composers ranging from Handel to Villa-Lobos to Ian Anderson.  A Downtown Music debut. Free Admission


Wednesday, December 9, 12:10PM

Tableau VivantKaren Marie Marmer, violin & Dongsok Shin, harpsichord, principals of the celebrated baroque ensemble Rebel, with guests David Ross, baroque flute and Arnie Tanimoto, viola da gamba offer Telemann in Paris featuring works by Georg Philip Telemann and Michel Blavet. Free Admission

This concert is made possible with the generous support of Paul Bergins, Esq., White Plains, New York.  

Wednesday, December 16, 12:10PM

Angelica, a women’s chamber choir directed by Marie Caruso, presents a program drawn from the vast treasury of medieval, renaissance and 20th century music celebrating the wonder and beauty of the Christmas season.  Free Admission

This concert is made possible with the generous support of the Brian Wallach Agency,
White Plains, New York. Personal and Commercial Insurance since 1949.

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Attorney General Reaches Agreement with Planet Fitness. “Tan at your own risk,” Press Release Implies

WPCNR WHITE PLAINS LAW JOURNAL. From the Office of the Attorney General of the State of New York. November 25, 2015:

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced that his office has reached an agreement with Planet Fitness Holdings LLC, and its subsidiaries, Pla-Fit Franchise, LLC, franchisor of Planet Fitness brand fitness facilities and Planet Fitness National Advertising Fund, LLC, (collectively “Planet Fitness”) requiring that they not offer “unlimited” tanning as part of premier Black Card level memberships and that they provide adequate training to employees who oversee indoor tanning services at Planet Fitness gym locations.

Planet Fitness also agreed not to make health-related claims to promote red lamp devices and to comply with all New York State tanning regulations.   Planet Fitness paid $50,000 in costs and penalties.

“Under today’s agreement with Planet Fitness, the company will no longer offer unlimited tanning as part of its health club benefits and will not make any claims regarding the health or safety of indoor tanning,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “This agreement is part of a continuing effort to protect consumers from the documented skin cancer risks of indoor tanning. I am especially concerned with rising cancer rates associated with indoor tanning, particularly for young people, and businesses that offer indoor tanning should market their services truthfully.”

Indoor tanning increases the risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer – which is responsible for 9,000 deaths in the United States each year.  Indoor tanning also increases the risk of other skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.  While usually not fatal, these cancers can cause noticeable disfigurement.

In addition to increasing the risk of skin cancer, UV exposure can also harm the immune system and cause premature skin aging.  New York State tanning law currently prohibits tanning for children under 17 and requires parental consent for children between the ages of 17 and 18.  Additionally, New York law requires that current tanning hazards information sheets and acknowledgement forms be distributed to tanning patrons and that free protective eyewear be made available to tanning patrons.

Investigators visited a number of Planet Fitness franchise locations that offer tanning services and found numerous violations of New York State tanning laws, including failure to provide required warnings and acknowledgment forms to consumers and failure to provide protective eyewear at no additional cost, a public health hazard. There are approximately 98 Planet Fitness locations currently operating in New York State, with some under corporate ownership and the majority owned by independent franchisees.

Some Planet Fitness locations offered LED or red light Beauty Angel treatments that were advertised as providing various health related benefits.  However, these red lamp devices are approved by FDA only for cosmetic purposes.  Planet Fitness and its franchised locations ceased promoting red lights for medical or health benefits upon notice by the Attorney General of its potentially false and misleading advertising of these services.

Planet Fitness also ceased the promotion of Black Card trial membership upgrades and Black Card memberships to include unlimited use of “free” and “unlimited” tanning services to members of legal tanning age during the course of this investigation.  These promotions may imply that frequent indoor tanning is safe and may encourage more frequent indoor tanning

While Planet Fitness does not advertise or promote health-related benefits of indoor tanning, the investigation uncovered that Planet Fitness did not require or provide training of its employees in any Planet Fitness locations beyond the operation of UV devices and sanitizing procedures for tanning beds. Nor did Planet Fitness provide independent third-party training programs regarding safety precautions and procedures to employees of corporately owned locations.

Under the settlement, Planet Fitness will adopt written training procedures for employees of corporate locations that emphasize, among other requirements, the operation of tanning equipment in a manner adequate to protect consumers from potential overexposure and other hazards related to indoor tanning and making any representations about the safety of indoor tanning.  Planet Fitness will emphasize to franchisees the importance of their compliance with these employee training procedures.

The action announced Tuesday is one of a number of steps taken by the Attorney General to help educate the public and raise awareness of the harms associated with indoor tanning. The Attorney General’s office has released a brochure on indoor tanning safety  that provides important information on the risks and harms associated with UV tanning.  In August 2013, the Attorney General submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration supporting a proposed agency order that would provide important protections for consumers and new warnings on UV radiation tanning beds and other sunlamp devices. A copy of the FDA letter is available here. The FDA’s final order became effective in September 2014, strengthening protections for consumers by requiring manufacturers to place additional performance and safety controls on sunlamp products, and to include contraindication statements and warnings.

In 2013, the Attorney General launched an investigation into suspected misleading advertising in the indoor tanning salon industry.  The Attorney General reached settlements in March 2014 with HT Franchising Management LLC, the franchisor of the Hollywood Tans salons, and Hollywood Tans NYC, a Manhattan-based franchise of the national chain, requiring them to stop making health-related representations to promote tanning services.  The Attorney General also has two  lawsuits  currently pending against Portofino Spas, LLC (“Portofino”) and Total Tan, Inc., alleging that both franchises engaged in false advertising by denying or minimizing scientific evidence linking tanning to an increased cancer risk; promoting indoor tanning as a safe way to reap the benefits of vitamin D and other purported health benefits; and asserting that indoor tanning is safer than tanning outdoors.  In addition, Total Tan is accused of violating New York indoor tanning laws.

The Planet Fitness settlement was handled by Assistant Attorney General Ellen Fried and Bureau Chief Jane M. Azia, of the Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau, and Executive Deputy Attorney General for Economic Justice Karla G. Sanchez.  The tanning salon investigations and litigation are being handled by the Consumer Frauds Bureau, the Health Care Bureau and the Environmental Protection Bureau.  The Health Care Bureau is led by Lisa Landau and the Environmental Protection Bureau is led by Lemuel Srolovic.  The Health Care and Environmental Protection Bureaus are in the Division of Social Justice led by Executive Deputy Attorney General Alvin Bragg.



Consumers with questions or concerns about health care matters may call the Attorney General’s Health Care Bureau Helpline at 1-800-428-9071.  Consumers with complaints about other consumer matters can file a complaint online or call the Attorney General’s consumer helpline at 1-800-771-7755.

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20151125cold 004

The first hard frost gripped White Plains NY USA in its clutches overnight, frosting windshields and putting icing on lawns.

20151125cold 005

The Weather Station reading 32 degrees this morning at WPCNR World Headquarters told you that “It was great while it lasted (our mild autumn) but it was just one of those things.”

20151125cold 002

First fire of season warmed the hearth Wednesday evening as a sang froid of winter moved on in.

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Three Charged With Hauling Fraud By County


Christopher C.Leggio



Christopher E. Leggio



Stephen Disalvo

WPCNR POLICE GAZETTE. From the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office. November 25, 2015:

Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino announced that Christopher C. Leggio (DOB 05/17/59) of 12 Quail Lane, Brewster, New York; Christopher E. Leggio (DOB 01/31/95) of 12 Quail Lane, Brewster, New York; Stephen DiSalvo (D.O.B. 12/13/56) of 1552 John Anderson Drive, Ormond Beach, Florida and the A.T.N.M. Corporation of 130 Woodside Avenue, Briarcliff Manor, New York were arraigned Tuesday on a Felony Complaint charging them with:

  • one count of Grand Larceny in the Second Degree, a class “C” Felony
  • one count of Scheme To Defraud in the First Degree, a class “E” Felony.

“As alleged in the Complaint, by altering the dump payment tickets, this scheme had real financial implications for both companies doing business in Westchester County and their customers, who ultimately paid higher prices because of the theft. Businesses have enough to deal with without the added costs and complications of the widespread and systematic fraud that was perpetrated by this company and these individuals solely for their personal gain,” said District Attorney Janet DiFiore.

“Illegal conduct in the carting industry can result in increased costs to businesses, consumers and taxpayers. It will not be tolerated in Westchester County,” County Executive Rob Astorino said. “The Solid Waste Commission and its law enforcement partners are working to ensure that all companies operate within the bounds of the law.”

A.T.N.M Corporation of Briarcliff Manor, New York is a company licensed to haul solid waste in Westchester County and other adjoining areas. A.T.N.M. is owned and operated by defendant Christopher C. Leggio, along with the assistance of co-defendants Christopher E. Leggio and Stephen DiSalvo.

Over a more than a two and a half year period, from January 1st 2013 to November 24th 2015 the defendants systematically and falsely altered several hundreds of dump tickets so as to fraudulently reflect a higher tonnage of solid waste being transported.

These false dump tickets were then submitted to a solid waste hauling broker who contracted with A.T.N.M. As a result of this scam, the broker paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars to the defendants for work never performed based on these false tonnage entries on the fraudulently altered dump tickets.

The broker negotiated garbage hauling contracts with several different commercial establishments including the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (hereinafter A&P). The broker unknowingly passed along these falsely inflated invoices to A&P and other commercial customers, who then paid the false invoices.

Larger customers like A&P used defendant A.T.N.M. to haul solid waste for twenty-seven (27) A&P stores, twenty-four (24) of which were in Westchester County.

Over $500,000 was overcharged and stolen by the defendants as a result of this scheme.

A six month investigation was carried out by investigators from The D.A.’s office, the Westchester County Police and the Westchester County Solid Waste Commission.

Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino praised the investigative work done by the Department of Public Safety, the District Attorney’s Office and the Solid Waste Commission under the leadership of its Executive Director, the Hon. Daniel Angiolillo.  Astorino appointed Angiolillo, a retired state Supreme Court justice, to head the commission in 2014 and also directed the county police to assign a detective to the commission full-time.

This investigation is ongoing.

The defendants were arrested by the Westchester County Police Tuesday morning.

Bail for Christopher C. Leggio was set at $50,000 cash or $500,000 bond. The bail for Stephan DiSalvo was set at $50,000 cash or $500,000 bond. The bail for Christopher E. Leggio was set at $10,000 cash or bond.

The defendant’s next court date is November 25th, 2015 in Briarcliff Manor Village Court.

They face a maximum sentence of 15 years in state prison.

Assistant District Attorneys Lauren Abinanti and Robert Mayes of the Investigations Division are prosecuting the case.



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