Redlighting White Plains New York USA

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Warning sign on southbound Mamaroneck Avenue just before the Redlight/video camera at the Bryant Avenue intersection in White Plains, look for these at the intersections below. Photo sent in by a WPCNR CitizeNetReporter Observer.


On its website the City of White Plains has posted an explanation of how motorists can avoid getting a ticket issued from the new City Redlight camera/video devices at  6 intersections in the city.

The intersections are:

SB Mamaroneck Ave @ Bryant Ave

EB Main St @ Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

NB Bank St @ Hamilton Ave

WB Hamilton Ave @ Bank St

WB Westchester Ave @ South Kensico Ave

SB North Broadway @ Hamilton Ave

The following photos of the press release on the city website  posted Monday, explain how motorists avoid getting tickets approaching a red light.

Of note:

1. Motorists can still make a right on red after a full stop before the crosswalk/stopline.

2. Police will review all photographs before violation notices are issued.

3. The city says the system is being instituted as a safety device, but gives no figures showing whether redlight accidents are up substantially.

4. The system apparently will be in effect through 2020, when the legislature will take the redlight authorization legislation passed in 2015 under review for renewal.

5. The cameras are operating as of now, but in a transition period, when violations will be sent to motorists, but no fines due. The transition period will last until August 1 when the violations motorists receive will be subject to fines.

Here is what the city says about how to avoid getting redlight photo tickets.





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