Parking White Plains as of July 1, 2018: Photographs of the Day

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If you’re thinking of stepping out tonight, you may want to be aware that in White Plains, parking on Independence Day is Free at on street meters.

It is not FREE in the municipal parking lots or the garages.

There were no welcoming signs on Mamaroneck Avenue to tell you parking was free on the street July 4. You had to read the fine print in the on-street meters below, though it is hard to read the first line through the scuffed-up glass:


At the municipal parking lots, there were these warning signs below that you have to pay 24/7/  7 days week including holidays:


Inside the municipal parking lot  kiosks (below) there were these warnings with the new parking rates which went into effect July 1:


Here is the notification of the new city parking policies and rates below. 


Got it?

The sign reads:

“Please also note that downtown on street meter rates are also being raised to $1.25 per hour on July 1,2018. On street time limits will remain in effect and willl be enforced. Parking meter rates at all other off-street facilities will remain the current $1.00 per hour. Specifically, the rate across the street will remain $1.00 per hour. Long-term parkers should utilize that facility.”

The new rates are part of the city effort to charge more for convenient, close-to-downtown parking than for parking in outlying city lots, introduced several months ago, now being implement

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