76 Years Ago: The Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor. Remembering the Day of Infamy

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Out of the Sun

A Memorial 


Out of the sun on quiet Sunday morning they came

Birds of death blazened with red suns raining fiery havoc on Battleship Row.

One by one, ruthless planes dove, destroyed wantonly to their nation’s eternal shame.

Thunderous explosions scattered fiery death in Sunday dawn’s glow.

Flames belched from bowels of stricken Arizona, America’s pride,


On Hickam Field pilots raced to planes to defend 

As their birds were crippled on ground by Zeros’ glide

Gunners in turrets on ships floundering filled skies with flack’s din.

In search of aircraft carriers, marauders could not find

Ruthlessly strafed and bombed leaving Pearl

 Smoking ruin. Ships sunk, burning as raiders flew  back into the Sun


The day of infamy had been ignited in the Zeros’ swirl.

 America listened a world away, somber FDR

Spoke of this day that will live in infamy.

America must never forget that Pearl Harbor Scar

When an unsuspecting America slept in complacency.

To the 2,403 perishing that day under merciless bombs

Hails of bullets,terror of torpedos out of nowhere

America must remember forces against our freedoms

Relentlessly work always to  remain aware of surprise of deadly bombs’ glare.

Vigilence is the price of freedom always to be defended

Against those who would destroy our republic from within

By dark forces in far off places we have offended.


The answer is not curtailing freedom at home rather it to champion.


The USS Arizona lies today  in Pearl’s waters, bleeding lives

Of her men through the eerie eternal slick marking the rusting hulk.

Beneath Pearl’s waters, the blood of free people oozes from the shadowy bulk,

Bleeding forever, freedom’s spirit living eternally in lost lives remembered.

The Arizona never rests.

 Note: The Pearl Harbor attack took place 76 years ago today at 7 A.M. Honolulu time –just about 12 noon Eastern Standard Time.  Its aftermath is dramatically depicted at


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