Legislator Ken Jenkins Charges Astorino Refuses to Share Airport Proposals with Board of Legislators


Westchester County Legislator
Kenneth Jenkins.

WPCNR COUNTY CLARION-LEDGER. From County Legislator Kenneth Jenkins. August 3, 20017:

Ken Jenkins charged Tuesday that County Executive Robert Astorino is attempting to close the Westchester County Airport  request for proposals process  (proposals for leasing and running the county airport were submitted Monday), without working with the Board of Legislators.

The County Executive intends to keep all airport RFP responses from the Board of Legislators,” throwing a wrench” in the recommendation process, Jenkins stated in a news release. (Editor’s Note: Jenkins is running against George Latimer in the September 12 Democratic Primary to run against Mr. Astorino in the November county executive race.)

“Astorino just wants to cover up his budget mistakes and his bad management with a deal that leaves the people of Westchester in the lurch,” said Jenkins. “A $15 million hole in the budget has Astorino itching to move forward with the RFP with his preferred deal. He’s not worried about the consequences because he will not be here to see the deal through.”

Jenkins restated that the RFP process should be scuttled until there is an Airport Master Plan approved by the BOL.

The County Executive’s office receives all RFP applications, and once they are shared the consultant, Frasca, reviews the proposals to give input on which ones are viable and responsive to the RFP.  All viable proposals are then shared with the members of the Task Force, who then conduct a review and make a recommendation to the County Executive.

“Astorino once again skirts his responsibilities, and refuses to conduct a transparent process with the airport RFP,” said Jenkins. “Government is about working with each other to come to a solution that will benefit the residents of Westchester County in the long run. Westchester could save $150 million if we do nothing, and don’t move forward with the RFP.

First, it was the disaster of a draft Airport Master plan (Editor’s note:presented last week) and now this clandestine removal of legislative oversight. As always, this latest action is another example of his unwillingness to work with the Board of Legislators to accomplish real progress in Westchester.”


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