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WPCNR WHITE PLAINS LAW JOURNAL. News & Comment By John F. Bailey. July 9, 2024:

Relax,President Biden.

You’re O.K.

You got this.

Just schedule a news conference  a day for the next 4 weeks and announce the “Biden Corrections” Official Acts that will stop the “Know Nothing Parties” cold.

Listen to me Mr. President, you have the blessing of John Roberts, our Chief Justice.

In his very clever  elegantly sophist “What ifs” decision he has empowered you with a super power no other President has ever had. You are the first to have the Roberts Superpower.

You can be the first to use it!

Put the now unlimited power of official Presidenting on bold display against your enemies:

The enemies of democracy, the haters of the poor, the black, the Latino,the Muslim, anyone striving to come to the land of the free and the home of the brave that your enemies hate.

Hear me out,Mr. President.

I think a demonstration of what immunity for Presidential acts! for a President means can be done by you and eliminate the way the pundits and the websites and your own party mock and insult you every day.

All you need to do is call in a legal expert smarter than the ones who have been advising you the last THREE years and immediately enact and test the legal grounds to just snuff out the Republican candidates for President, take the wind out of their hot air balloon, and pull the plug out of the Democratic squawk boxes  who say you cannot beat the Republican wave.

In fact, Mr. President, this “gift of God” from the Roberts court of immunity  and impunity gives you, President Biden the things you need to do that the deadlocked Senate and House of Representatives could not do for you for three years.

Calm down Democrats! 

Especially those who want to run a nobody in place of you to save your own sorry seats you’ve slept in for three years

Stop thinking like the conservative justices you approved for the Supreme Court that have turned back the clock on abortion, put women at risk, the poor in a hole, the rich on Easier Street, treat migrants horribly and incredibly they are the justices who turned off their self-serving  minds with “The Roberts Decision.”

“The Roberts Bomb” is the Dred Scott decision of our time.

It is evil in that it means a President can do anything without fear of prosecution for a crime as long as he/she qualifies it as an official act because the nation is in peril, in danger, overweight or anything.

That is a blanket statement, why?

Because the Supreme Court in its talent for chaos Pontius Pilot-ed the decision as to what Official Acts were off to the undercourts.

The Justices voted unknown “official” acts as being immune to prosecution if the President feels they were necessary. He or she decides. Like Henry the VIII.

The Roberts Decision gave any President immunity from being culpable and prosecutable for official acts as President.

They never even thought that the President who is in power right now today could use Official Acts, TOO!

Here what I submit, Mr. President. Which will forever, if you choose to inact them, will preserve democracy, restore respect for America, stop gun violence, and bring the business outlaws to justice, and save countless lives.

The Bidin Corrections

                                        Official Acts President announces effective immediately

1.DEFINE policy suggestions now being touted by Republican policy advisors as unconstitutional for the effects on the economy, education, safety of the public.


2.ORDER prosecution of the organizations and personalities being relied on by the Republican Candidates for these new policies as threats to the country’s stability insurrectionist. Arrest and hold them without bail.


  1. ORDER the trials of candidates to begin without delay citing the appointment of judges known to be nominated by the previous Trump Administration and restrict Trump campaigning and inflammatory (insurrectionist statements) until the trials are over to define whether Trump has committed felonies which would prohibit him from running for President.


  1. PROHIBIT Replacement of currently employed Federal Department heads and employees on grounds it would disrupt functioning of government during a time of tensions between Russia, China, NATO, Israel,Iran Iraq, Afghanistan and create national chaos due to perhaps inexperience of replacements hired.


5.SUSPEND Rule changes could not be made in current environmental laws targeted by Republicans because of the environmental emergency and make them in effect until congress votes to change them.


  1. PRESERVE social security payments welfare,employment checks benefits stability, tie them to inflation making it impossible for proposed slashes in these areas.


  1. PROHIBIT preferred religion in any public school (that is public. No exceptions (that’s what the constitution says).



  1. DECLARE book banning in all schools,libraries,unconstitutional under freedom of speech.


  1. PROHIBIT unequal taxation raising taxes on wealthiest, easing on the lowest wage payers.



  1. REPEAL corporations tax free income from overseas operations.


  1. OVERRULE the Supreme Court Decision on Roe v Wade as dangerous to womens health and declare abortions not illegal in states where presently banned.



  1. ESTABLISH investigation of Medicare and Medicaid fraud by hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies reckless distribution of products.

13.ESTABLISH Cabinet Department of Developmental Disabilities regulating  funding lifetime education, and increased availability of housing for the developmentally disabled whose parents can no longer care for them.

  • OVERRULE Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to form political action committees.


  • BEGIN Investigating corporations price increase patterns and profit margins with eye to establishing effects on inflation



  • OVERRULE Supreme Court decision prohibiting mass class action lawsuits.


  • ESTABLISH Cabinet level post of Department of Energy Economics with goal of lowering of energy costs



  • ESTABLISH Cabinet of Migrant Management with goal of housing migrants, putting them to work and regulating asylum seekers treatment.


  • PROHIBIT the ending of government contracts, awarding them without approval of congress.



  • PROHIBIT jailing of members of the press for publication of criticism of government policies, appointments, actions, statements (if not threatening in any way)


  • ESTABLISH post of DEPARTMENT OF JUDICIAL CONDUCT to analyze judges’decisions and relationships for patterns of favoritism or enabling plaintiffs and defendants in court cases



  • ESTABLISH Cabinet post of Department of Education Policy and Performance and Practice, responsible for uniform testing analysis in schools to measure school progress, with emphasis of individual school tests. The Department would analyze teacher and administrator performance by progress of the teacher’s students as they go through the grades ahead them and administrator management of costs, effective personnel. This would include oversight of private schools and private universities. This replaces the present Department of Education or the present Department of Education could explore educational technology international techniques as a research


  • ELIMINATE Lobbyist contributions to politicians and for consideration lobby recommended persons for policy positions by organizations with an interest in the policy regulated (conflict of interest)
  • SHOOTING A PERSON with a legal or illegal handgun will automatically lose your right to own a firearm regardless of results of trial.


  • ESTABLISHMENT of Cabinet position Department of Property Management and Policy, to upgrade recently established to exist today real estate practices of discrimination against minorities; income levels; price manipulation, if found; analyze bank discrimination and interest rate increases to augment profits. Would also survey property owners on rent increase policy and rent controls (current rise in rents)

And since they are permanent, if you choose to make them, you force congress to overturn them one by one. The opposition will have to vote on each one. Even should the opposition win, they are faced with a huge roadblock

The Roberts Decision lets whoever gets in to office do what they want. But they should have made it effective in 2025. Just a slight oversight.

Thinking counts when you are changing the constitution.

Good luck with these, we are only here to help.

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