State Cuts Cost of Living Increase for Caregivers of the Disabled. Please help the Angels of Our Time

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Good afternoon,

All parents worry that their children are happy and safe. We have five children, but the worries for two of our children, our twins Lara and Bradley, are of different concern.

Lara and Bradley cannot talk, cannot walk, are virtually blind, and cannot feed themselves. Although physically, they can do almost nothing, they understand so much.

While not a minute goes by, we don’t worry about them; we know Lara and Bradley are safe and well cared for because of Richmond Community Services.

Richmond Community Services operates residences for individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Richmond also provides day programs where our children, like many others, are encouraged to learn and grow to the highest possible level of independence and receive loving attention from a fantastic staff. We have always felt so grateful & comforted that this incredible organization supports Lara and Bradley.

Every year, Richmond must rely more and more on charitable donations due to government funding cutbacks. Recently, Richmond was advised the expected COLA increase was halved, resulting in a loss of $1.7 million in critical aid directly affecting the care of the vulnerable population Richmond serves to protect.

How can we allow funding cuts needed to help the disabled segment of our population just because so many are not physically able to stand or speak for themselves? This is the reason we are again writing to ask for your help. We will continue to fight for Bradley and Lara and all the others fortunate enough to be supported by Richmond, helping them reach the highest possible level of independence.

Please help. You can donate online at or mail contributions to: RCS Foundation, 272 N. Bedford Road, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549.

Our deepest thanks and heartfelt appreciation,

Terri & Steve Schottenfeld

Richmond Community Services Foundation Board


And our twins Lara and Bradley and all their peers Richmond supports, thank you too…


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