The Overture at Brookfield Commons, 2nd Winbrook Rebuild Officially Opens. Leaders and New Residents Hail the Progress of Affordable Housing/Workforce Housing 129-Unit Apartment Building.

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One of first new Winbrook residents gives “The Overture” her praise. (Click on white arrow at left to roll the video from Friday’s Ribbon Cutting.
The Overture at Brookfield Commons is now housing 90 families from the former Winbrook ouse 159, and also offers 129 apartments set aside for Workforce affordable housing. The Overture features high quality, modern apartments and introduces mixed income tiers, including the workforce housing units to promote a diversity of incomes.
Mayor Tom Roach Promised more Workforce Housing to come. (Click white arrow at left to see and hear the Mayor’s remarks.)
Westchester County Executive George Latimer presented The Overture as an example of what government do. (Click white arrow at left to play the video)
District 5 (White Plains, Harrisson, Scarsdale,) County Legislator Benjamin Boyin, and former Councilman for 12 years in White Plains recalled the Common Council roll in shaping the project. (Click white arrow to view)
White Plains Council Woman Nadine Hunt-Robinson echoed Mayor Roach’s call for more affordable housing in the city in the future(Click arrow at left to start the video of her remarks)
New York State Assemblyman Chris Burdick announced a new state initiative to build affordable housing. (Click arrow to hear his annoucment)
State Senator Shelley Mayer of Senate district 35 congratulated the city on the project. (Click arrow on left to see her remarks)
Another first Cornerstone resident formerly living in the demolished Winbrook apartments 159, described how the new appartment has changed his life. (Click arrow to hear his story)

Three remaining buildings in the existing Winbrook complex will be demolished and rebuilt anew, with the first building next in line is expected to be demolished at the end of the year, and construction beginning in January, perhaps by the same coalition of builders and financing.

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