1133 Westchester Avenue Solar Installation Hearing Feb 7

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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. From the Gedney Association. January 26, 2021:

Please see the important letter below from the North Street Association regarding a proposed utility-scale solar farm at 1133 Westchester Avenue. Both the North Street Association and White Plains Council of Neighborhood Associations (CNA) asked us to distribute this letter to our members. 

We urge you to email and/or call the Mayor and Common Council Members. For your convenience, a sample email is provided in the letter.

The Gedney Association

CALL TO ACTION: On Monday Feb 7th there will be a Public Hearing for a proposed utility-scale solar farm at 1133 Westchester Ave.  This solar farm will be as close as 60 feet from some of our residents’ backyards and less than 35 feet from ponds and watersheds that run between the neighborhoods and corporate park. 

In advance of the Public Hearing, we urge you to call or email the Mayor and Common Council Members and express your concern about this project and the lack of existing zoning that would regulate projects of this scale. Further, remind them we are currently updating the Comprehensive Plan which when completed will guide zoning and regulation around solar utilities to ensure responsible and orderly development. 

We are deeply troubled by the sheer size of this project, 6.5 acres ( 5 football fields!) and the complete absence of any zoning that would prevent the establishment of solar farms anywhere in this city!   We are happy to answer any questions you may have around this project, please contact us at NorthStreetWP@gmail.com  We will be speaking at the Public Hearing and hope that you can attend in a show of support, but, if you cannot attend please email our officials.  

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