Governor Cuomo observes the Death of Larry Kramer, HIV/AIDS Activist.

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I am deeply saddened by the passing of Larry Kramer, a great New Yorker who helped galvanize the nation’s response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

At a time when the federal government sat paralyzed in denial of a disease that was ravaging an entire generation of LGBTQ people, Larry Kramer was fearless, uncompromising, relentless and loud — characteristics that ruffled feathers but that forced a response to a public health crisis.

He was “one of the men who fought the war” – the epitome, in the midst of a different plague, of New York Tough. He demanded action, and countless people are alive today because of his work, and the work of so many others who refused to accept indifference.

On behalf of the family of New York, my thoughts are with Larry’s loved ones today, especially his husband David. We will miss him, and we will remember him.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

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