BULLETIN: Westchester and rest of MidHudson region can open Tuesday if Tracer Training is Completed over the weekend. Long Island has to get death rate down. GOVERNOR Says he will not close borders/quarantine out of state/foreign arrivals—but Federal Government can. 2 week Interval Between Phases is not set—depends on Stability of New Infections.

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By John F. Bailey. May 23, 2020:

Westchester County is working to train over 800 more “Tracers” of persons (mostly Westchester County employees who have had contact with Coronavirus-infected people, via online training this Memorial Day Weekend, Governor Andrew Cuomo reported today.

If the persons complete the training in Westchester, all the counties in the MidHudson region can open for Phase 1 in Reopening Tuesday. If Long Island Nassau and Suffolk Counties control their death rates below the 8 deaths over 3 days average, the Long Island region could open Wednesday

The Governor also said the Jones Beach crowds at yesterday’s beach openings socially distanced very well.

The Governor announced good news that Deaths yesterday from the Covid-19 virus dropped to 84, below 100 for the first time which the Governor described as 100 being the key number told him by a doctor was the number that would indicate the disease was stabilized. Of the 84 deaths, 62 died in hospitals, 22 from nursing homes.

The Governor emphasized citizens who have been tested, should consider testing a second time. He said that 1/3 of persons found to have coronavirus had not shown symptoms. The Center for Disease Control has determined that persons with the coronavirus may not show symptoms so would have no reason to test. Take as many as you want the Governor suggested if you deal with the public in stores, in hospitals, health centers if you deal with the public.

He showed some more “Wear a Mask” spots submitted to the state Wear A Mask PSA contest.

He sad, “those masks can save your life or another person’s life.”

Asked in the “Q. & A.” session if 2 weeks was still the time between Reopening Phase 1  and 2, the government said it was firm, because the 14 days is the time when symptoms would be appearing if persons contracted the disease. The Governor said if the numbers were “stabilized” after two weeks, you might be cleared to go to Phase 2 in the entire region. The Governor said 2 weeks was not “set.”

When asked if he would consider how to stop a second wave, banning travelers from other states and other countries coming into New York, the Governor said “I do not think it is a  good policy.”

Governor is asked about banning travelers from other states to prevent a second wave.

The Governor said the state does not have the authority to quarantine persons coming in from the airports, but the federal government can.  (See WPCNR statement obtained from the Center for Disease, below.)

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