FLASH! Hydroxychloroquine on Coronavirus Showing “Some Success” Report April 20. TRI STATE GOVERNORS MEET PM TODAY ON PLANNING “REOPENING.” NTNL GOVERNORS CALL FOR $500 Billion to Rebuild State Economies. CURVE CONTINUES TO SLOW

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Governor Cuomo on the Hydroxychloroquine corona virus treatment (Albany Feed)

WPCNR CORONAVIRUS REPORT. By John F. Bailey. April 12, 2020 UPDATED 2:50 PM EDT:

Governor Andrew Cuomo said today hydroxychloroquine, the drug currently in a federal drug trial as a treatment for coronavirus patients, is showing “some success.” The Governor said sources have told him personally of the drug showing some success. The Governor said he expected a report by April 20

The source was via text messages the governor has received “anecdotally” from persons involved in the trials. The Governor said he hopes it works, that we all hope it works.

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor announced he will issue an Executive Order directing employers to provide essential workers with cloth or surgical masks free of charge to wear when directly interacting with the public.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said the number of hospitalization rates of corona patients, continued to lower, “flattening the curve of infections” and lowering the curve of infections across the state today. He reported another 753 deaths  from the disease Saturday raising the state total to 9,385 statewide.

He said he would have a meeting with the Governors of Connecticut and New Jersey to begin discussions on how New York, New Jersey and Conecticut could “reopen.” The Governor said a plan that is not coordinated “will not work,” that it will not be his plan, but it will be an agreed-upon compromise between the three governors.

He stated that Schools remain closed throughout the state (with computer classes being taught via communication with teachers who are staying at their home and teaching students in the student’s home), confirming that New York City schools would continue teaching through computers in the homes of students. He said he spoke with Mayor William DeBlasio of New York City and Mr. DeBlasio will continue follow the closure with instruction via computer in the homes of NYC students.

He reinforced his message of Saturday saying it was too soon to tell how June would be handled, whether a “Reopening” could happen or not, due to the performance of so many forecasts on the spread of the disease 4 weeks ago, that varied greatly.

He said that the National Governors Association (of which he is Vice Chairman ) has sent a letter to Washington, calling for $500 Billion dollars in new direct aid to the states to aid in recovering from the effects of the coronavirus on the state economies.

Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to the Governor, explains how a switch in supply guidelines led to nurses association complaining they did not have adequate equipment. (Albany Feed)

In the “Q. A” press  questioning, Melissa DeRosa, Executive Secretary to the Governor, said the complaints by nurses and health professionals that their hospitals did not have enough supplies, appears to be which rules of supply their hospital were working under.

She said the Center for Disease Control Guidelines on when certain supplies should be worn varied from state Crisis Guidelines. To avoid this, she said the state Command Center (handling shipping of supplies) is asking administrators (who request the supplies from the Command Center) specify what guidelines they are requesting the supplies under). The confusion nurses are complaining of apparently comes from the medical personnel feeling they should have more protection in certain professional to patient situations due to a discrepancy in the two systems of guidelines.

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