“News” Network Calls for Eliminating “Social Distancing” to Save the Economy.

WPCNR NEWS & COMMENT. By John F. Bailey. March 23, 2020:

Opinions expressed the last two days on a “news ‘network” astound me.

I cannot let this go.

The network in some of their programs promoted the idea that the nation should not “socially distance” themselves to prevent spread of the coronavirus is the single most irresponsible series of statements by a news organization I have ever heard.

It’s poppycock. It’s propaganda. It’s unapologetic sensationalism. It’s dangerous.

The comments made  set a new low in ignoring facts and reporting uninformed opinion as intelligent thinking. It’s stupid thinking. It’s Goebbelsesque

The figures on the spread of the coronavirus in New York in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s news conference today betray the mantra that the cure (social distancing) can’t be worse than the disease.

The facts released today  by Governor Cuomo show social distancing has limited the death tolls from the disease in New York state, lowered the rate at which persons with the coronavirus have had to be hospitalized in a week. Had the governor not done this at the beginning of last week we’d be more infected by now. More so, hospitals would be jammed with persons wanting to be tested. We’d be in chaos today.

What would the geniuses at this network have done? They’d just criticize Mr. Cuomo for not doing anything.

At last look:

China stopped the spread of the virus in China by exactly social distancing and shutting down the vast area in Wuhan that was the epicenter of the disease. So did South Korea.

For a national “news” organization to say social distancing should be stopped to save the economy, with thousands returning to their homes from spring break. With teachers afraid to teach. Does Fox want to open the nation’s schools? The lack of thinking on this network is breathtaking. 

In New York, the Governor’s distancing request has worked in Westchester County if we suspended it now, New York City would let everyone back out on the streets, open traffic, open theatres movies, and the exponentially fierce spread of this disease would rally. Had the governor not invoked social distancing, closing businesses, New York would be in worse condition than it is right now.

Every school of journalism, every other news organization in the country should condemn this behavior by this charade of a news organization.  They have every right to broadcast it.

But they have to, at long last look at the facts, instead of following their tradition that the facts are wrong.

Corporations who advertise on this “news” network that sponsor the programs where this poppycock was spewed out, should pull their ads.

Taking away money is the only message media corporate barons in their carpeted crags in concrete canyons feasting on gullible citizens who believe them, understand. Oh they understand that, all right.

Governors trying to save the citizens of their states should condemn this reckless highly partisan sabotage of progressive response. Struggling to get people to social distance, not congregate in groups, and not touch, should condemn this as a group. Will they?

Commentators and news anchors with any sense of what is right should report on this propaganda gaffe, no, outrage! Passing for  responsible editorializing.

I compare this Mickey Mouse commentary put forth, to the vast members of the liberal press in the 1930s opposing America’s entry into World War II, who ignored the anti-semitism in Germany, and the State Department that ignored warnings of Adolf Hitler’s plans for the Jews. Only Walter Winchell wrote consistently about this threat.

Perhaps Fox would like to run video of hospitals jammed with patients, strong young people dying because they played basketball in parks, schools without teachers because children they teach carried the coronavirus to school.

Perhaps they might show how really awful getting coronavirus is like this video from the woman in England who put this out on her facebook page.

It is an irresponsible act by that network that if listened to and taken even the least seriously is seditious, “incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.”

The corona virus is headed across the country  if social distancing is not followed. The highly paid talking heads can’t see that on the stories they carry from around the world: Italy, Iran, France, England, Spain? Please.

Of course let the persons who made these comments throw away their masks, hug colleagues go to parties and conventions. I want to see that if social distancing is lifted by the President. The very least is he should give states the choice on the policy. A Pontius Pilate decision.

That network has done a seriously stupid thing.

President Trump, do not listen to them, they know not what they say.

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