Letter from Gedney Farms: State of the Farm

WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. From The Gedney Farms Association October 2, 2019:

As we enter the Fall season, I am pleased to inform you that the City has responded to our concerns about cut-through traffic on Heatherbloom Road by prohibiting vehicles entering Burke by making a right hand turn from Heatherbloom Road during the morning rush hour period. Our narrow streets are not designed for such traffic and we will remain vigilant in restricting cut-through vehicles.

We will soon observe the ninth anniversary of FASNY’s purchase of the former Ridgeway Country Club. Also, it has been almost seven months since FASNY’s announcement that it was placing approximately 48 acres of its property on the market. In the meantime, the property continues to suffer from lax maintenance. After complaints from us and other neighbors, the City has notified FASNY to take remedial action.

We have been told by at least one developer that FASNY is considering selling the entire property. The Board has decided to submit a letter to the Common Council indicating that any alternative development of the property should strictly adhere to the underlying zoning which permits single-family, detached homes on 30,000 square foot lots.

Lastly, the Annual Meeting will be held on November 20th at Westchester Hills Golf Club at 7:30 PM. Our Committee has arranged for an informative night including the following City officials as our guest speakers: 

  • Richard Hope, Commissioner of Public Works 
  • Christopher Gomez, Planning Commissioner 
  • Thomas Soyk, Parking & Traffic Deputy Commissioner
  • Joseph Castelli, Police Chief 

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