The Enigma

Why is the most successful Democrat Politician not running for President?

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

WPCNR CAMPAIGN 2019. News and Comment by John F. Bailey. September 15, 2019:

He sent state aid to U.S. hurricane disasters and Puerto Rico before the federal government.

His legislation attempts to protect his state residents from the deduction denials costing them thousands in taxes under the new tax law(in defiance of the federal government).

He has fought to protect immigrants in New York State from deportation and falling into the clutches of ICE.

He has invested in aid to prevent businesses from leaving the state.

He has invested in aid to students seeking a college education.

He has invested in infrasture (deliberately misspelled) : building a new bridge and modernizing LaGuardia Airport and modernizing the subway finally.

His leadership is prosecuting those who need to be prosecuted.

He has accomplished more in his eight years as Governor than any other governor in the country.

His tireless energy and usually upfront in every crisis in every corner of the state are unlike any politician I have seen who has headed this state.

He is Andrew M. Cuomo. Someone completely different for a Democrat: He does not talk.

He acts.

Except in the time when the country needs a man like this in the presidency.

And we need him now.

The President will not push Andrew Cuomo around in a debate.

The President cannot lie fast enough or tweet effectively enough to disintegrate Andrew Cuomo’s confidence and towering logic of argument. Mr. Cuomo for the last eight years just pounds out the ever shining light of what is right everytime he speaks out.

We need this guy.

He is a leader.

Before the Democrat debates started, though Mr. Cuomo shockingly was not as proactive during budget season in the spring. He did not speak out on rolling press conferences and press releases and videos and appearances.

I got the sense something was not right.

Is this the man going after the President for wrong-doing?

I thought to myself what is going on with Mr. Cuomo?

He could have gone into the primaries and if voters did not like his style. So be it. But it would not damage his splendid record in New York State.

But he one of the best governors we have ever had. Occasionally he bows to politics, but not until this year did he show reluctance to follow through on issues.

After Thursday, I had great regret that Mr. Cuomo was not on that stage. He would have towered over them.

He is the strongest Democrat since FDR. Has the most conviction of Abraham Lincoln.  A throwback to Teddy Roosevelt (the best Republican President), Eisenhowerian in his logic.

I was shaking my head.

If Cuomo ran against the President, he would not be intimidated. He would not fumble or get flustered.

He would not need coaching.

Mr. Cuomo is the Democratic Hamlet.

Mr. Cuomo may be feeling now is not the time for him personally.

I can’t get into his head.

If he is thinking that the first “American Dictator,” the current President, is not defeated, he can run in 2024, but by then he will be challenged by the latest Kennedy incarnation in Massachussetts, or Chelsea Clinton. You cannot procrastinate the present.

But I find it hard to believe Andrew Cuomo has ever thought that way. He has grown as a man and politician. He does not make the same mistake twice. He does not step aside for politics.

We need him.

America needs him.

The fact that the Democratic Party leadership is not imploring him to run, astounds me.

The governor says he wants to complete his term as governor and serve the people of New York.

That’s not the Andrew Cuomo we know.

He knows he is the best man for the job of saving this country.

This must be torturing him. It does me.

Come on in, Governor Cuomo.  

You would blunt “the first American Dictator’s” appeal to the voters who love a strong man,(even a Donald Trump who talks loudly and has no stick) you would win over the troubled Trump voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin Illinois, Ohio because you,more than any state leader have done things to save jobs, create jobs and rebuild areas of your state.

You have the performance record.

No one running for President can defeat “The First American Dictator” except you.


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