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WPCNR CITY HALL DOINGS. From the Mayor’s Office. January 24, 2018:

Burbio, the new place to go for a calendar of White Plains municipal, school, and organization schedules which debuted Tuesday, is in the process of acquiring calendar events from city organizations, the Senior Advisor to the Mayor, Karen Pasquale said in a statement to WPCNR today.

Ms. Pasquale said persons can sign up right now at Asked if Burbio was ready to go with White Plains schedules, organizations and their upcoming events, Pasquale wrote,

“They are in the process of on-boarding calendars. They are working with White Plains Non Profit organizations, school district and White Plains BID. There is no deadline and they will continue to work with the organizations that approach them and continue to add calendars.”

Asked if the city had already supplied Burbio with its events, and whether this is accomplished electronically, Ms. Pasquale advised:

“Burbio can access the public calendar on the city website. In fact the city calendar is already available on Burbio.

“If we make a change to an event, or an event needs to be cancelled, postponed or rescheduled, Burbio will get that update automatically as well.

“They refresh their system every 4-6 hours to ensure that users have the most up-to-date information.

WPCNR notes that since I signed up I have received two welcoming and easy-to-understand e-mails from Burbio making clear the features of the website and how to create a list of organization activities you want to keep tabs on. As a former direct response specialist who has been highly critical of lack of instruction on other websites, this is a distinctly professional start-up for Burbio.


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