167 White Plains High School Student Volunteers “The Shining Stars” Honored for Thousands of Hours of Community Service at Recognition Breakfast.

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Mayor Tom Roach and three of the nine students who each donated 480 hours of community service hours, (left to right), Emily Tumminia, Kelly Marx, Anna Tender. Ellen Doherty, Principal, WPHS, is third from right. Amy Geiger, Coordinator, Community Service Program is at far right.

WPCNR SCHOOL DAYS. May 25, 2017:

The White Plains High School Community Service Program honored the White Plains students who have donated thousands of hours collectively to the community.



Program Coordinator Amy Geiger said the students were “volunteering their time in schools, hospitals, in libraries, in churches and other local organizations. You volunteer to help your fellow students, children, adults and senior citizens. You are amazing. I think you’re wonderful. And I’m very proud of you.”

Mayor Tom Roach, opened the program congratulating the students and remarking what struck him most about White Plains students, “I am so impressed how much you care about each other.”

Interim Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Howard Smith, reflecting on his decades in education, said that looking back “You’ll think back on these days of service as the most meaningful of your life.”

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Students received certificates of recognition from White Plains High Principal Ellen Doherty and for their community service they received academic credits of 1 per year depending on their hours of service.

124 students were honored for donating 60 to 180 hours.

27 contributed 181 to 300 hours of service.

16 were recognized for serving the community for 301 to 480 hours.

9stud ents were given special credits for donating over 480 volunteer hours, each earning 4 academic credits over 4 years:

They were Kristen Cignarella, Eileen Escobedo, Sol Gastelu, Jennifer Lopez, Laura Maldonado Segura, Kelly Marx, Irina Nahuis Castro, Anna Tender and Emily Tumminia


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