Saxon Woods Pool Opens and the Water is PURRRRRRFECT.

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Westchester County pools opened today and Saxon Woods Pool was perfect today. The water was I’d say about 72 degrees, unusually comfortable such a short time and the chlorine level was very tolerable on the eyes and the facility was clean and just delightful.

WPCNR has to apologize for the lousy National Weather Service forecasts for White Plains this week. They have been wrong everyday. We could all do with a lot less weather reports and more news since the boys and girls at weather central apparently do not look out the window when doing their forecasts. I say get your ahead out of the radar scopes and look at wind direction and humidity levels. You either have too much information and do not interpret it correctly or forecast too far in advance.


So if the weather is wrong again tomorrow…the pool at Saxon Woods is open, very comfortable to swim in and is just glorious.

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