Terrorism Has to Be Met with Money Terror. Serious Consequences for their Financiers and Enablers.

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WPCNR NEWS  & COMMENT. By John F. Bailey. January 7, 2015:

The attack on the French satirical newspaper that has long tweaked the sensitivities of the militant Islamic movement, that left twelve persons dead is a call to action to cut off the financing that pays the payroll for these operations.

This latest attack on a satire magazine  is typical of the terror that they are wielding against the defenseless, the innocent, the weak chronicled in the news channels and the press.

But, this new attack  is insidiously different and more dangerous.

The Paris attack yesterday is the first step towards creating the immoral outrage of promoting and eventually  gaining legitimacy in the world press through intimidation of the press.

The message is clear: do not give us bad press or you will be dead.

Beheading of journalists was the start of intimidation of press coverage. And it has been my observation  it’s been successful. There is not as much coverage of the day-to-day terrosim  first hand before the beheadings

In my opinion, the governments who have to deal with this military organization a reinvention of the Baathist military leaders who run it, have to adopt a new strategy:

Cut off their money.

Western intelligence needs to focus on the banks, the financiers, the investment houses, the private speculators, the arms dealers, the website stylists, who do business with these people: buy their oil, process their money, and move the vast sums that buy the arms, explosives and weapons, make the bribes and pay the criminals who commit the horrors that intimidate  and acquires the acquiescence demanded.

Go after the war profiteers – who rob and kill with a fountain pen as Woody Guthrie wrote.

However the administrations of the nations have to make a gut check here: they will have to go after worldwide financial powers, prosecute and haul them in—powerful rich men and women who sip cocktails by night, send checks to politicians by day and look the other way when handling money and processing billions in illegitimate deals with questionable worldwide political movements. Because it is lucrative.

It is time for the feckless leadership of the world of the reasonably decent people to wake up and smell the stench of the corruption of self-interest in businesses, legitimate and criminal.

They apparently live the rule  “There is no such thing as bad money” that  rules whom you do business with, whom you support financially and politically, even if it hurts and kills thousands of people.

Who are the financiers?

It’s high time we stop listening to Americans’ conversations and listen to people who do us harm every day by funding the criminal elements of the world.

Let’s go and get them.  That is how you behead a hydra with one big scythe.

You have to feed your terrorists. You have to bribe officials. It is a mercenary effort.

We are not going after the commercial  sponsors and enablers  who move the money for the forces of evil in the world: the human traffickers, the child pornographers, the terrorists.

That’s a question to ask every politician who appears on the talk shows this coming weekend. A question for the President of this country.

And why haven’t we?

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