Rankled Democrats: District Leaders Some Miffed at “the Process,” to Vote on Whether or Not to Nominate Interim Candidate Nadine Hunt-Robinson (Council’s Choice) to run for rest of Boykin Term


WPCNR BACKROOM BULLETIN. By John F. Bailey. May 22, 2014:

Democratic City District leaders are scheduled to hold a vote tonight to decide on whether  Nadine Hunt-Robinson, the interim appointee to the White Plains Common Council selected by Mayor Thomas Roach and the other six Common Council members,  or Tom Caruso, a Democratic Party District Leader, should be nominated to run in a Special Election this fall to fill out the balance of former Councilman Benjamin Boykin’s  term on the Council expiring at the close of 2015.

Caruso has surfaced as a rival candidate after District Leaders have become upset about how Nadine Hunt-Robinson was chosen to serve on the Council until a special election can be held.

A number of district leaders are annoyed  Hunt-Robinson was suggested by the White Plains Ministry Fellowship  Council as a replacement for Mr. Boykin, apparenlty it seems to continue the Council with a councilperson who represents the Black community. Mr. Boykin who held the seat is Black.  Some district leaders have referred to Mr. Boykin’s former seat as “The Black Seat.”

WPCNR has been told that the nominating committee was not consulted on possibilities on Ms. Hunt-Robinson’s appointment, but this is denied in a letter received by District Leaders this week from Mayor Thomas Roach and 4 other councilpersons.

Some district leaders are, WPCNR is told,  troubled that Ms. Hunt-Robinson is not a registered Democrat, but instead a member of the Independence Party, and has not yet changed her party affiliation, but may be in the process of doing so.

This week a letter was mailed to District Leaders, signed by Mayor Tom Roach, Council President John Martin, Councilman John Kirkpatrick, Councilman Dennis Krolian and Councilwoman Beth Smayda, defending Ms. Hunt-Robinson’s appointment, and asking for District Leaders’ support for Ms. Hunt-Robinson in the election tonight it reads:

May 16, 2015

Dear District Leader:

As you know the White Plains Democratic City Committee(WPDCC)   will be voting this Thursday night (tonight) for its candidate to run in the November 2014 election to fill the remainder of Ben Boykin’s Common Council term. We are reaching out to you to let you know of our support for Councilwoman Nadine Hunt-Robinson and make sure you are aware of the following:

  • After considering numerous candidates, the Common Council voted unanimously to appoint Nadine to the White Plains Common Council at its February 3, 2014 meeting, in accordance with the City Charter.
  • After interviewing several candidates, the Nominating Committee recommended Nadine to represent the Party for the unexpired term of Hon. Benjamin Boykin in the Common Council of White Plains.
  • Nadine has already been working hard as a Councilwoman, chairing the City’s Youth Board, attending City Planning Board, Zoning, Budget & Management Advisory and other Committee meetings, participating in events throughout the City, and preparing extensively for each of the City’s Common Council meetings and work sessions.


Please join us in supporting Nadine on Thursday night at the WPPDCC meeting. If you have any questions or are unable to attend and you can provide a proxy, please contact any one of us.


With much gratitude for all you do to keep our party strong and vibrant and our city moving forward.


Yours truly,


Tom Roach, Mayor of White Plains


John Martin, Council President, White Plains Common Council


John Kirkpatrick, White Plains Common Council Member


Dennis Krolian, White Plains Common Council Member


Beth Smayda, White Plains Common Council Member




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