Democrats Endorse Nadine Hunt-Robinson “by a whisker” Over Caruso to run for Balance of Boykin Council Term

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Councilwoman Nadine Hunt-Robinson shown the night she was sworn in to the Common Council in February. Thursday night, White Plains Democrats officially gave her by a very close margin the nomination to run in a special election this November to fill out the 2015 final year of former Councilman Benjamin Boykin’s current term.

WPCNR BACKROOM BULLETIN. By John F. Bailey. May 22, 2014:

Nadine’s the one!

Shortly after 9 PM this evening at the White Plains YWCA on North Street, district leaders chose to back the Common Council and original Democratic City Committee choice of Nadine Hunt-Robinson to run in a Special Election in November.

The vote, WPCNR correspondents say, was very close. In a weighted vote by population per district,  Ms. Hunt-Robinson is reported to receive about 6,500 votes to 6,300 votes for her challenger Thomas Caruso.

Votes are weighted by district,  to represent the number of votes cast on the Democratic line in the last White Plains election district: for example if  300 voters voted Democratic  in a district , that district leader or leaders could vote 1,50 toward the nominee of their choice.

Hunt-Robinson’s selection and subsequent appointment to the Common Council February 3 of this year, replacing  Benjamin Boykin (who was elected to the County Board of Legislators) had been sharply criticised.

A number of district leaders objected after the appointment on grounds that alleged the nominating committee had not been consulted. Feelings were strong that Ms. Hunt-Robinson had been forced on the Mayor and Council by the White Plains Ministry Fellowship on grounds that the former council seat held by Benjamin Boykin, should go to a Black person, so the council would continue to have the White Plains Black community represented.

Ms. Hunt-Robinson came under fire for actually being a member of the Independence Party and not a registered Democrat.

A letter sent to district leaders this week  from the Mayor and four other seating Councilman, appears to have turned the tide in favor of Ms. Hunt-Robinson.

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