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WPCNR THE SUNDAY BAILEY. News and Comment by John F. Bailey. January 16, 2022:

it is ironic that 54 years after Dr. King was murdered that latinos, african americans, muslims, indians, immigrants are facing the loss of the vote due to the techniques of the post Civil War south. pretty soon the night riders will be back.

it is a national disgrace that the congress is not going to pass the voting rights act, even more a disgrace that two Senate Democrats are blocking that effort. it is even more a disgrace that no republican will break ranks and address this wrong. Where is the sanctimonious Mitt Romney on this?

Why not Democrats, just kill the filibuster for this one vote and bring the voting rights bill to the floor and vote it in. Then the “Fillibluster” can go back into effect? Where is the thinking?

Otherwise the congress is willingly destroying the constitution which guarantees the right to vote.

If they do not vote back in voting rights, the failure to do so should be taken back to the Supreme Court claiming that voting rights can not be restricted by new tests, voting procedures, identification procedures, hours restrictions, showing of papers, you name it.

Assuming the Supreme Court is presented with factual arguments that the procedures being challenged by some 36 states and presently allowed by the Supreme Court decision that is on a par with the Dred Scott decision that declared people were property, they have to make a judgment for the good, not based on state’s rights.

One wonders if these judges have ever read the Civil War history. Their decisions are so in keeping with the Solomonesque decision to declare a person property, the Dred Scott decision.

The effect of the judges letting the voting rights restrictions rushed on by legislature after legislature, the judges are saying “it is all right for you to live here for years but we want to make sure you’re a citizen, make sure you live here, and have papers to prove you are a citizen whom we think is suspicious.” Every person in the states with new voting restrictions should be subject to the same rigorous analysis. I wonder if that will happen, don’t you?

I have a voting restriction for all those states that are skyrocketing covid infections, because they do not demand vaccinations.

I say that in order to vote in those dead red and dying states, you must show prove of being vaccinated to be allowed in to vote. Some good might come out of that.

But of course, they won’t do that. That would mean many people unvaccinated could not vote They wouldn’t want that. It is such an obvious solution.

But the Supreme Court in their extreme prejudice to favor states’ rights (the main cause of the Civil War over slavery), would overrule that too as taking away their right to not die or get severely sick.

Speaking of disgraces. is this the dumbest Supreme Court in American history? This Supreme Court is making decision after decision that restrict, restore a balance of power to business and the party that appointed them, restrict women’s rights.

It is sickening to see the shabby cruelty of these notorious nine. Judge John Roberts will go down in history as the leader of the Court that destroyed the Constitution leading to the weakening of the country for a century, just as the Reichstadt did in 1938 making Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany.

The Supreme Court denying the Presidential mandate that companies over 100 must have their workers vaccinated is just plain stupid dangerous and means essentially in the long term taking away a President’s efficiency and ability to handle a national emergency with timely measures.

These Judges  are not Plato’s “Guardians,”  charged with making decisions for the good of the people.

The Judges of conservative didactic readings of the Constitution  are sophists. Sophists are Plato’s word for persons creating arguments without facts or reason, just opinions to justify their political ends and arguments.

I remember when Judge Francis Nicolai in White Plains decided in favor of Councilman Larry Delgado when a voting machine jammed in 2001, giving zero votes to Mr. Delgado, which assured Glen Hockley of election to the Common Council.

Judge Nicolai pointing to his black sleeve, said, “I wear these robes to right wrongs.”

This Supreme Court is not doing that.

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