2,627 New Cases of Corona Virus in Westchester County over Last 7 Days. 4.1% of persons tested Were Positives. Positives On Steady Rise since Mid September. SUNDAY POSITIVE RATE: 3.7% County Executive Announces 25% of County Gov Workforce Will Work from Home Beginning Nov.23

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WPCNR CORONAVIRUS REPORT. Based on New York State Workbook -Corona Tracker By John F. Bailey. November 16, 2020 UPDATED WITH THE GEORGE LATIMER COVID UPDATE THIS AFTERNOON:

The number of persons tested positive for corona virus through Saturday from last Sunday continues to grow. of 53,065 tested, 2,127 tested positive, a 4.1% infection rate. The Westchester Infection Rate has continued to rise, since mid-September and the increase now pushing 4% on average a week.

The infection rates of last Thursday, Friday and Saturday testings were 4% Thursday, 4.6% Friday and 3.6% Saturday.

AT 2 PM, yesterday’s state testing reported 3.7% of 6,167 persons tested on Sunday revealed 230 more persons tested positive for a total of 2,357 for the 8 Days ended Sunday. (An average of 294 new cases each day for the last 8 days).

COUNTY EXECUTIVE LATIMER ON THE COVID WAVE TODAY (Click white > arrow to the left bottom of the picture near o:oo to view)

In his Covid Briefing at 2 PM, County Executive George Latimer said there was no doubt the second wave had arrived. He said he was reducing by 25% the number of county employees in Westchester Government required to come into offices to help limit the possibilities of infection, and all boards and commissions would meet virtually.

Mr. Latimer on the Doubling of Hospitalizations and Deputy County Executive Ken Jenkins explains the plan to have 25% of county workers work from home. (Click white> arrow to the left of bottom of screen near 0:00 to view)

He said if masks were not worn more consistently, “stronger enforcement measures” would be considered, and said it depended on how people follow the face mask, crowding conditions and social distancing requirements.

Asked in the news conference if the county was keeping up with covid tracing protocols, the County Executive said tracing was “stressed” by inability to keep up with the numbers and hampered by persons refusing to cooperate for one reason or another, mainly because of being forced into being tested, testing positive, and having to go into quarantine.

Asked by Peter Katz of the Westchester Business Journal whether the county planned any direct intervention in business operations to prevent workplaces from spreading the covid virus, Mr. Latimer said the intent of the county was to suggest businesses look at things they could do to have less work force in offices and businesses, to urge them to be “proactive” in covid spread prevention, not force them to do it. Mr. Latimer said Governor Cuomo could however demand working place environment changes.

Latimer also told Mr. Katz the county had not heard from the Westchester congressional delegation in Washington of any movement on a new stimulous aid package. Mr. Latimer said “No.” He also said that failure to do so would result in loss of personnel in county and city departments hampering delivery of county and local services

Latimer announced, because of the steady increase in cases, he would now give 2 Covid briefings each week, the next being Thursday at 2 PM.

He supported the hybrid learning model now being employed by most of the 44 school districts, and said it is not possible at this time to have all students return to schools.

The infection rate of persons tested for coronavirus over the last 7 days from Sunday November 8 through Saturday, November 14 before the Sunday numbers were in averaged 4.07% of those tested due to fluctuations in the number of persons tested.

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