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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. From Chris Burdick, Assemblyman Elect NY Assembly District 93. November 7, 2020:

Wistful Thoughts About Leaving the Supervisor’s Post and What’s Next.

Many in the community have kindly expressed their regrets that I no longer will be Town Supervisor come January 1, when I become your Assemblymember, succeeding David Buchwald (very big shoes to fill).

I am flattered and humbled by the kind words regarding my tenure as Supervisor, and it has been my distinct honor to serve the community in this role.

From the time that I first ran for NYS Assembly, I assured the community that, if successful, the Town would be in good hands following my departure as Supervisor. I am very confident in that view.

We have a highly capable Town Board, superb department heads, and dedicated and hard-working employees who deliver a high level of services to the community. That will continue.

So what happens on January 1? The process is set by state law and our town code. The Town Board has three options following the vacancy in the office of Supervisor. The Board may:

1. appoint a successor to fill out my term (which expires on December 31, 2021);

2. call a special election; or

3. leave the post vacant. If the Board declines to appoint a successor or call a special election, then the Deputy Supervisor — pursuant to state law — takes on all of the authority of Supervisor, but does so while retaining the title of Deputy.

In any event, there will be an election in November 2021, as there normally would be, to determine who fills the position come January 1, 2022.

Our Town’s counsel, Eric Gordon, provides the attached memorandum (click link to read), which delves into further detail.

Between now and December 31, I will be working to ensure a smooth and orderly transition. The Town Board will be meeting in work session at a special meeting on November 24, during which I will discuss projects and initiatives underway and my thoughts on how to keep them moving forward. read more > -2- These include: a Phase III for sewers in Bedford; Bedford Village parking; implementation of the 2030 Climate Action Plan; Buxton Gorge Preserve; Capital Plans; Town budgets (keeping them under the Property Tax Cap while providing high quality services); implementation of plans and recommendations of the Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee (IDEAC) and the Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative Committee; and cell towers and wireless coverage to fill gaps in service/insufficient capacity. These are just some of the topics that initially come to mind. I expect it will take a couple of work sessions. I also should mention that while my successor will be handling storm-related power outages, potholes, speed humps and the myriad matters of a local nature, I will be on hand to field any concerns you have at the state level. I will also work closely with my successor and the Town Board to ensure their success and your confidence in the leadership of the Town.

I also wish to emphasize that I am not going away. Bedford is my home. I am not moving to Albany, but only will be commuting there when the legislature is in session and meeting in person (during the pandemic the legislature has been meeting virtually).

We have a wonderful town here in Bedford. I am absolutely confident that together we will ensure that Bedford’s future is brighter than ever.

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