WPCNR TECH POLICING. August 24, 2020:

Ruth Moss OF 5GAlertWestchester, (above left) who conducted a presentation of Dr. Paul Heroux , microwave expert at McGill University in Montreal, in a Zoom Presentation one month ago, (which can be seen on when you scroll down the Program Wall to People to Be Heard recent programs) , issued the following statement on where the city stands on strengthening the regulations on 5G:

“Last month 658 residents of White Plains signed a petition to Mayor Roach and the White Plains Common Council to keep cell antennas away from homes and schools.

In response, Mayor Roach has agreed to add protective provisions to the White Plains Telecommunications Code.

The organization sponsoring the petition, 5GAlert Westchester, is waiting for the Common Council to take action on this promise. In the meanwhile, the petition will continue to roll out in order to inform and update the public about this critical issue.”

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