2019 Assessment Test Results for School Districts May be Released Last Week in August Before Labor Day Weekend.

The New York State Education Department, Albany New York. School Districts eagerly awaiting to see “how they’re doin'”

WPCNR SCHOOL DAYS. From the New York State Education Department Communications. August 15, 2019:

The long anticipated 2019 Grades 3-8 assessment scores of (the second year of the newly implemented state assessments will be released tentatively the last week in August.

The Department issued this statement to WPCNR:

The 2019 Grades 3-8 assessment scores will be released later this summer, on a timeline more similar to 2017.

“In 2018, because of the switch from three days of testing to two, and the resulting need to conduct a new performance standard review, the statewide scores were released about a month later than usual (Editor’s note: 2018 Results were released September 26.2018)

Because the 2019 tests are the same design as 2018, there was no need for a standards review and are being released on a timeline more similar to 2017. (Editor’s Note: Release date in 2017 was August 22, 2017)

     Cut scores will be released with the scores, as they have been in years past.”

According to WPCNR’s news releases from the NYSED released the last three years, the last test results that were released in a timely manner so curriculum coordinators could react to them and address weaknesses in grades performances was in 2016, when test results on the former Pearson-created tests were released July 29.

In 2017, the Pearson tests were released August 22, which would mean by the statement that they could be released anywhere from Thursday August 22, Friday, August 23, or over the weekend , or sometime in the 4 days August 26 to 29, the week going into Labor Day Weekend.

WPCNR observes that the 2019 results will arrive too late for school district planners to adjust their academic plans beginning the school year.

Editor’s reminder: White Plains Schools start for students September 3, the day after Labor Day

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