BREZLER IS ON THE PRIMARY BALLOT TO STAY. Court of Appeals will not review Democrats’ Appeal.

WPCNR CAMPAIGN 2019. JUNE 8, 2019:

The New York State Court of Appeals Friday refused to review the Appellate Court of the 2nd Circuit which declared that Katherine Brezler’s petition signatures previously approved by the Westchester County Board of Elections were valid. A lower court judge, Samuel Walker had she did not have enough valid signatures to be in the ballot. The Appellate Court in Brooklyn reversed Judge Walker’s ruling citing specific case law.

Democrats appealed that Appellate Ruling to the Court of Appeals in Albany last Monday. Yesterday the Appeals Court refused to review the case.

The New York State Court of Appeals upheld the Appellate Court ruling that puts Brezler on the ballot to stay, by refusing to review the Appellate Court decision.

KAT BREZLER in a statement to WPCNR Saturday morning said:

The court of appeals refused to take the case. Which leaves the lower court’s decision in my favor.

There can be no further distractions.

The courts have recognized what we’ve long known, the board of elections was correct, we’re on the ballot. There is nothing left to do but knock on doors and get out the vote for our election on June 25th!”

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