Loucks Games Glitter with Record-Challenging Performance, Inspiring All-In Effort by Hundreds of Athletes from Across the Land

Spectators and Competitors from cities, towns, track clubs from the great Northeast saw performances to remember at White Plains High School Saturday on a memorable day in the sun.
A Women’s 100 Yard Dash Heat Saturday morning at the Loucks Games
The Discus Throwers were flying with efforts that challenged meet and state records.
The first of the Men’s Mile Heats–A spectacular race

The Glen Loucks Meet on Saturday at White Plains High School was a spectacular exhibition of exciting, extraordinary competition of champions and aspirants to execellence in crisp cool spectacular weather. The efforts, the disciplined performance and strategic display of race strategies simply stunned in heat after heat, race after race. Discus and Javelin throw. It was youth at its best!

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