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WPCNR SOUTH END TIMES. From the Gedney Association Newsletter. April 1, 2019:

As Spring arrives, the FASNY issue remains the major focus of the Board’s attention.  On March 21st, FASNY released a Press Release announcing its intention to put approximately 48 acres on the market for sale and build its middle and high school on Parcel A.  

The property continues to be poorly maintained with debris including bottles visible on the property and its frontage.  According to FASNY’s website, its student population has declined and apparently it still wants to find a single, contiguous campus for all its grade levels.

The Gedney Board unanimously voted to continue our Appeal to the Appellate Court.  The FASNY decision to sell part of the property for additional development highlights one of the flaws in the recent approval in which they failed to analyze and consider the implications of other development as required by the New York SEQRA law.

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