White Plains Passes $218.6 Million School Budget for 2018-19. Approves $10 Million Buildings and Security Expenditure from Reserve Fund. Passes Free Busing to the High School



WPCNR SCHOOL DAYS. By John Bailey May 16,  2018:

White Plains voters passed the 2018-19 Proposed school budget Tuesday, 792 to 147.

The voters approved spending $10 Million from the school district Capital Reserve Fund, 831-96, for improvements in school building security and repairs.

Voters also approved free busing to the White Plains High School for students living more than one mile away from WPHS, 815-122.

There are 32,000 registered voters in the city, meaning that 2.9% of those White Plains citizens eligible to vote in the  budget election voted. The budget was passed by a margin of 84.3%

The following incumbent members of the White Plains Board of Education were reelected:

Candidates (Unopposed for 3 seats)

James Hricay                      764

Cayne Letizia                      781

Rose Lovitch                       764


Dr.  Joseph Ricca, White Plains Superintendent of Schools issued this statement on the passing of his first White Plains School Budget:


“It takes an engaged and committed community to create and promote a high quality proposed district budget. We are very thankful to all that took the time to attend meetings; distribute information; participate in focus group meetings; and organize community gatherings.

“It is because of you, and the support of our community, that we are able to move forward with support for our outstanding student programming! We are thrilled and we are grateful.”


This year’s budget, the first proposed by first year Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Joseph Ricca, increases expenditures by 2.1 %. In the current year, 2017-18, ending in June,  the budget was increased 2.58%. Though the school district was allowed under the tax cap to raise the budget 3%, they did not– holding the increase to 2.1%

This results in a tax increase of 2.9%, raising the school tax on a $650.000 median priced home approximately $300 to $10,616 up from $10,300 this year. The tax rate per $1,000 of assessed valuation moves up from $626.37 per $1,000 of assessed valuation to $644.41

Proposition 2 authorizing $10,000,000 does not increase the budget since the funds already exist and therefore the district does not have to borrow to make the improvements.

The expenditure of $166,000 to provide free bus transportation to students living more than a mile from White Plains High School, but the expenditure is obtained through reorganizing bus routes the district reports.


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