The Nightmare Continues: County Executive Latimer: Con Ed Westchester Customers Out of Power Triples Overnight. No info on Con Ed Storm Center on Customers Without Power

WPCNR THE POWER STORY. Overnight Observation by County Executive George Latimer on Facebook. March 8, 2018 8:30 A.M.

County Executive George Latimer was on the move last night in the northern part of Westchester County. This morning he filed this observation on the county Facebook page:
“Con Ed – 33,108 (Westchester Customers Out of Power)
NYSEG – 15,227

Drove around 5 towns tonight – saw some new outages, streets closed, trees down. Given the circumstances, not surprised that no work was underway.

The reports are very bad up north where they were hurt badly last Friday … but no one was unscathed. The nightmare goes on for another day more.”

The Westchester County Department of Communications announced that County Executive Latimer would hold a Morning Briefing at the Yorktown Police Department at 10:30 A.M. this morning.

The Con Edison Media Relations Office contacted by WPCNR, when asked for the number of Westchester Customers out, asked WPCNR to send an e-mail with the question.

As of 8:30 A.M. the Con Ed Storm Center listing of Customers without power does not come up.

The listing was reported by Con Ed to be malfunctioning yesterday, after being 9,000 behind the restoration of power count yesterday morning.

Mr. Latimer’s report of 33,108 within the 8 AM to 9 AM Hour, means that the number of Westchester Customers as gone up 23,197 over the course of the snowstorm, virtually tripling. The NYSEG number Mr. Latimer has put out this morning, has gone from 1,500 yesterday morning to 15,000.


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