United Crews Miracle. Latimer: Con Ed Restores 9,002 Westchester Customers Overnight. County will Verify this with Con Ed this morning.


County Executive George Latimer arriving for his Media Briefing on the Westchester power crisis this morning.

WPCNR THE POWER STORY. By John F. Bailey. March 7, 2018:

County Executive George Latimer said Con Ed reports the number of Westchester Customers (defined as customers with one electric meter) without power is  9,911 as of 9:30 A.M. this morning. He also said NYSEG the other supplier to the northeast of the county had cut their Customers without power to 1,516, from approximately 15,000 Monday afternoon.

You can see the morning briefing at this link: Paste it in your browser and hit “Go”:


As of 11 A.M. the Con Edison official listing town by town at their Con Storm Center that updates every 15 minutes continues to show Westchester Outages of 18,913.

Mr. Latimer said he would be attempting to very the new impressive restorations overnight with Con Ed and NYSEG officials at the Emergency Operations Center in Hawthorne later this morning.

WPCNR called the Con Edison Media Center to ask if there was a lag between when restored Westchester Customers were added (reported every 15 minutes).

The press person after hearing my question asked me to put that question in an email and send it to another party who would answer my question.

So at this point apparently the listing appearing last night at 10 PM…apparently has not been changed.

Latimer told WPCNR at the close of his briefing today that when he went to bed at 2:15 A.M., the Con Edison listing (which they introduced Monday), was showing 19,000 customers out, and he was amazed that the number this morning had been reduced 50%.

That is not unreasonable. If Con Ed crews worked all night (and they might have), the County Executive said he had seen crews when he was out after midnight, but he could not say for sure whether Con Ed crews had worked all night.

Yesterday Con Ed crews reduced Westchester Customers from 27,000 Out of Power to approximately 18,000 in 8 hours, a rate of 1,000 restorations an hour. So if the crews worked the night as the Con Ed person told WPCNR they would if weather permitted, they could restore 9,000 by 9:30 A.M.

We await clarification from the Con Ed press office.


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