WPCNR NEWS AND COMMENT. By John F. Bailey. August 8, 2017:

Ivanka and Mellania Trump are our only answer.

They have to get Donald back on his “meds” now.

Impeachment proceedings have be be launched because Don is an unstable, irrational individual who does not realize the consequences of his actions. He does not think 5 minutes ahead.

Today we had the ludicrous, insane spectacle right out of Dr. Strangelove of the President of the United States threatening “fury” if North Korea does what?

His absolutely unacceptable temper tantrum “look how powerful I am” statement  issued a few hours ago at North Korea is reminiscent of Saddam Hussein’s rants against the United States before the first Iraq War and the second. It’s right out of Adolf Hitler.

He is the ranting President. He does not think things through. Does he think?

Trump is a 17 year old  gang leader,  right down to the phony pompadour, dealing with a testosterone-heavy 25 year old gang leader of North Korea. It’s West Side Story.

This behavior is unacceptable. Donnie has to do some damage control somehow.

But the Republicans and the Democrats in congress have to launch impeachment proceedings within the hour.


The nuclear codes have to be quietly taken away from him.

Nicky Haley the Ambassador to the U.N. has to make a face saving statement;

The U.S.A. does not go around threatening countries with “fire”.

Photographs I just saw of Mr. Trump, are reminiscent of Adolf Hitler. The livid expression, the slashing motions.

It is time for the congress to get off of their protocol collective backsides, and visit the President — long touted as the best businessman in the U.S whoever thought he was?– and tell him he is putting the world at risk by his irrational behavior.

I learned when threatened years ago, never to say what I would do. Not to respond. I learned to ignore it. When politicians threatened to sue me, I just ignored it. When they did sue me, I got lawyer to negotiate.

This guy who is running the country doesn’t even know how to do that? For God’s sake. Did he ever raise his own children?

A 25 year old is full of himself. The fact that that a 25 year old runs a possible nuclear power means his need for attention has to be placated. Has to be stroked. Doesn’t Donald the great dealmaker know that?

He doesn’t.

Doesn’t he know that threatening a strike back and hopefully not a preemptive strike is daring Kim Jung Un– there I think that might be right– might press every button he has.

He doesn’t.

The point is if Trump had any intelligence he would call a face-to-face with Kim Jung- Un and chat him up. Go to him. Play to his ego.

Is Donnie too inexperienced to know this?

He is.

But, now is the time for the U.S. Congress to go on mass to the “President” and say this is not good for you, your administration, America, or the world to act this way. You can’t do it.

He is sounding like a leader of ISIS and Al Queda.

He is not cute anymore.

He is no longer entertaining. He is no longer funny.

He deserves no respect any more.

I am tired of this respecting the President crap. You acquire respect through your behavior.

He’s a lousy President. The worst ever elected.

In six months he has proven he is the worst President since Andrew Johnson. But Donnie does not even know who that is or why.





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