Mayor Thomas Roach Issues Statement on Immigration Issue.

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WPCNR MAIN STREET JOURNAL. From the Mayor’s Office. February 6,2017:

The city website posted the following statement (dated January 28) from Mayor Tom Roach on the ongoing immigration issue and the city position:

The City of White Plains is a diverse, vibrant and welcoming community. As Mayor, protecting the rights of all those who live, work, and visit here is paramount.

In White Plains we recognize that immigration is part of our national story.  It was an immigrant, Alexander Hamilton, whose command of artillery held off British and Hessian troops during the Battle of White Plains, allowing General Washington to preserve his army, and ultimately, our nation. The contributions of immigrants to our city and our nation have continued to this day.

The recent executive order issued by President Trump regarding “sanctuary cities” is of great concern. There is no clear definition of what constitutes a “sanctuary city” and therefore we do not adopt that term in White Plains. We believe it is more helpful to discuss our actual policies: 

– Our police officers have not and will not inquire regarding an individual’s immigration status.  

– We believe enforcement of federal immigration law lies with federal enforcement agencies not local police forces and we proceed accordingly.

– We adhere to the practices outlined by Attorney General Schneiderman in his recently issued guidance to local governments. We were pleased to have been consulted during the drafting of those guidelines.

 Our practices represent proper community policing, focused on building and maintaining trust and cooperation between the police and the community. Studies have demonstrated that these policies reduce crime and create a safer environment for all.

All of our policies are in compliance with the law and the Constitution and we are prepared to defend them in a court of law if necessary. We are proud of our policies and will continue to protect the rights of all those within our borders. 

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