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Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Getting out of town for a few days is what makes us all look forward to the summer months every year.  Unfortunately this summer has brought out some unwanted attention as a result.  We’re urging everyone to beware of a new scam targeting E-Z Pass customers this summer.
Here is what to watch for: An email that appears to be from E-Z Pass, which has the E-Z Pass logo and says you owe money for driving on a toll road. It also provides a link to click for your invoice.  Don’t Click It.
The email isn’t from E-Z Pass. By clicking on the link, hackers may be putting something onto your computer with the goal of extracting personal information. By responding to this e-mail and clicking on the link, you could make yourself vulnerable to identity theft.
This E-Z Pass scam is one of the latest phishing scams, whereby criminals pretend to be legitimate businesses to gain access to your personal information.
Here are a few online security tips to help you avoid phishing scams:

  • Never click on links in emails unless you’re sure who sent you the message.
  • Don’t respond to any emails that ask for personal or financial information. Email isn’t a secure way to send that information.
  • Type an organization’s URL yourself, and don’t send personal or financial information unless the URL begins with https (the “s” stands for secure).
  • If an email looks like it is from E-Z Pass, contact E-Z Pass customer service to confirm that it is really from them.
  • Keep your computer security software current.

If you believe you have received one of these e-mails, forward it to and to the company being falsely portrayed in the e-mail.  Additionally, you can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by visiting at  For more information you can also visit

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