Standard Amusements, Labor, Parks, Planning Housing Committee and Astorino Team Massage Legal Issues Behind Closed Doors. Committee in Recess All Morning.

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WPCNR PLAYLAND GO-ROUND. By John F. Bailey. June 15, 2015:

The Labor, Parks, Planning and Housing Committee that was supposed to meet Monday morning to iron out nebulous legal requirements not spelled out to Legislators Benjamin Boykin, Catherine Parker and MaryJane Shimsky’s satisfaction last Wednesday has been in recess all Monday morning, working out “tweaks” to meet those legislators’ objections with the Astorino administration and Standard Amusements, prior to a scheduled vote this evening.

Matt Richter spokesperson for Chairman of the Board of Legislators Mike Kaplowitz said that Nick Singer, principal of Standard Amusements, and the legislators have been going back and forth between the 8th and 9th floors. Singer’s consultant has been carrying the legal ball for Mr. Singer. Legislators have been in their offices on the 8th floor. The negotiations through this “shuttle diplomacy” are, Richter said expected to be completed soon with “final tweaks.” He said he expected the Committee to resume proceedings soon.

A call to Ms. Parker, who raised the primary objection that the legal steps to determine what Capital Improvements were required in the future between the county and the operator, Standard Amusements were not “specific” enough, has not been returned to WPCNR.

MaryJane Shimsky’s reservation about the Memorandum of Understanding that acceded authority to determine the fate of the swimming pool solely to Standard Amusements to determine whether the Playland Pool remained in some form or just turned into a “water feature” was another issue.

Legislator Benjamin Boyin wanted it spelled out that Standard Amusements would reimburse the county directly when it retained county employees.

As of 11:20 A.M., the Labor, Parks, Planning Housing Committee was still “in recess.”

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