Recess Continues at Labor, Parks, Planning, Housing Session on Playland Legal Tweaks

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The Labor and Parks Committee after a morning of negotiations between Standard Agreements, the Astorino Administration reconvened approximarely 12: 15.

The first matter was a resolution on the issue of what is paid County Employees who work for Playland for Standard Amusements. The tentative agreement, county employees currently at Playland who were not retained would be retained by Westchester County, at same grade and level and pension and transferred elsewhere by the Recreation Commissioner.

In the matter of compensation of present County Employees whom Standard Amusements wishes to hire, the compensation for those employees would be “negotiated” with Standard Amusements at the time. This was included at the insistence of White Plains Legislator, Benjamin Boykin who noticed it had been inexplicably missing from the final county administration documents last week.

It was not clear given the verbal explanation at the live telecast whether payment could be less and the county would pick up the balance of compensation, benefits.

County Legislature Chair Michael Kaplowitz said the resolution was as good as a handshake because if the contract with Standard was not conducted in good faith the legislature would “have holy hell to pay,” presumably, and I am just guessing here — this meant the CSEA union wrath (if Standard and the county did not negotiate fairly).

The Committee  then recessed at 12:45  before voting, to give the county legal team time to put all the pieces of paper part of this first resolution together for the vote. As of 2:00 P.M. they are still recessing.

When the Committee began at 9:27 this morning, 27 minutes late, Legislator Parker told Joseph Manigula, representing Standard Amusements she had requested the Pool-Water Feature jurisdiction matter be removed from the Capital Projects Memorandum of Understanding. Manigula said since there were changes to the MOU on Capital Projects as indicated by Chairwoman Shimsky, that he would have to caucus with his boss, Nick Singer of Standard Amusements before this evening’s scheduled vote.

With the Pool issue in the air and the Capital Projects decision making procedure legal issues still to go, it is looking like a long day ahead.

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