Standard Amusements County Exec Choice to Run Playland. County Board Given 60 Days to Approve it. Deal Virtually Matches Sustainable Playland Plan

WPCNR PLAYLAND GO ROUND. By John F. Bailey April 14, 2015;

County Executive Robert P. Astorino announced that last night his administration had signed an agreement with Standard Amusements to run Playland beginning in 2016.

Standard has agreed to invest $25 Million in new rides, restaurants and attractions within 5 years of taking over the park (with Westchester County still retaining ownership). Standard will pay the county $2.5 Million upon signing of the agreement which the Board of Legislators has 60 days to approve. Chair of the Board, Michael Kaplowitz told WPCNR it was the first he had heard of the surprise signing and said the Board would begin its due diligence on the proposal.

In addition, when Standard  would pay the County $300,000 a year the first five years, and when Standard has recouped its investment, it would give the county 7.5% of the profits.

The deal was endorsed by county consultant Dan Biederman of Biederman Redevelopment Ventures, who was the consultant to Sustainable Playland, Mr. Astorino’s first choice of operator of the park, which had also considered Standard Amusements as its operator. The deal is essentially the same with the exception that no permanent field house or fields would be built .

However, the County Executive said there would be “temporary (open air) fields” put in place with artificial turf on the parking lots or other areas during the spring and fall. The City of Rye had vehemently protested the Field House concept, how they will react to this piece of the proposal is not known since the Mayor of Rye was not at the news conference for comment.

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