City Proposes 1.7% Budget Increase to $179.1 Million– Tax Rate Up 2.4%–$70 on $650G Home

WPCNR QUILL AND EYESHADE. By John F. Bailey. April 7, 2015:

The City of White Plains introduced its proposed 2015-16 city budget yesterday to the Common Council, not cutting any city positions and expressing confidence that sales tax revenues will equal last year’s total of $51.8 Million, though sales tax receipts reported by state through January are on a pace to hit $48 Million.

The city predicts a half percent increase in sales tax receipts based on estimates through February.

The state is late in reporting February numbers, and expects the March total to be delivered to WPCNR by April 15.

The City proposes a $179.1 Million budget, an increase of $3 Million over last year. It proposes a property tax rate increase of $4.60 to $200.74. This would increase the city tax on a $650,000 home $71 from $3231 to $3,302.

The budget is described by the city as “maintaining city services at levels comparable to the current year and all mandated expenses are funded.”

The budget creates a new position of Special Patrol Officer, who will report to the Police Department to monitor taxi service at the TransCenter “to ensure a more friendly consumer experience.”

The city reports labor contracts are dependent on bargaining and step increases. Salaries are budget to rise 1% and debt service by 9%.




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