The Cardinal Comes to Town. Says Archdiocese is Growing. Parish Schools Enrollment Stabilized; Promises “Evangelization” with New Media.

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New York Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan visited Stepinac High School in White Plains, saying Holy Mass for the student body, faculty and staff and got first-hand lessons in the high school’s first-in-the-nation Digital Library.

The Cardinal spoke glowingly in a truncated (not by the Cardinal) three-question news conference that enrollment in parish elementary schools had stabilized, consolidated and has retained 2/3 of parish school students who have transferred to other parish schools.

He said the Archdiocese was growing and planned to reach out and grow it more through Twitter, Facebook and social media by delivering what he called “Evangelization,” the Archdiocese word for marketing. “We have the greatest product,” he said, “Salvation.”

Cardinal Dolan has the easy-going sincere matter of the great religious figures and leaders of our time, delivering a patina of leadership, that brings out the best in persons he talks to and he knew so many Stepinac leaders by name. His was a virtuouso performance in positive, footsteps-to-follow-in inspiration. Here is what it looked like:

2013918cardinalvisit 013

Timothy Cardinal Dolan arrives, greeted by Father Thomas Collins, President of Stepinac


2013918cardinalvisit 028

He greeted Stepinac students who turned and lauded the Stepinac Band that serenaded his arrival with a sprightly march

2013918cardinalvisit 018

The Cardinal took to compliment the band saying they made him feel so welcome!


2013918cardinalvisit 030

After greeting Mayor Thomas Roach of White Plains, the Cardinal greeted the mother and father of Father Collins in a warm and sincere manner seldom seen by this reporter. He treated everyone as special and established just an atmosphere of good will and hope and excellence I have rarely seen in public appearances

2013918cardinalvisit 038

After a quick change the Cardinal donned Cardinal Red and entered the great auditorium to celebrate mass for a full house

2013918cardinalvisit 141

His Eminence proceeded to the new digital library, where he was stunned to see textbooks for Latin on line brought up at the touch of a button. He called the capabilities demonstrated by his mentors, “phenomenal.” He asked Father Collins how Stepinac has this kind of digital library and others don’t, and Collins without hesitation said, “We’re smarter,” which cracked up the Cardinal and all in the lab. The Cardinal was shown how homework is turned in via student laptop, how textbooks are pulled in by laptop  by Harris Ali, center and Liam Butler, students of Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains. The Cardinal was an avid learner.

2013918cardinalvisit 143

New York Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan with the Mastronardi Family who helped to fund the Mastronardi Technology Center at Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains.

2013918cardinalvisit 063

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