County Sales Tax Steady at 6% Rate of Increase in August. White Plains up 1% AFTER 2 MONTHS.

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WPCNR QUILL & EYESHADE. From the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. September 13, 2013:

White Plains Sales Tax Receipts went up 2% in August, and its sales tax handle for the first two months of the city fiscal year was up  1%. But city retail sales rates are lagging behind county sales tax growth rate of 6% a month.

The all-Westchester County pace of a steady 6% increase in sales taxes, puts  the county on target, if they match last year’s September through December “handle,” of reaching $477.7 MILLION. Should September through December continue the 6% rate of spending the county is looking at a $487.4 Million sales tax handle.

Westchester County through 8 months of its 2013 fiscal year is up 6%, collecting $316,183,750   compared to $298,080257 the first 8 months of  2012.

If the County continues on the 6% growth rate, the county will earn $487.4 Million in sales tax receipts, generating a $10 Million surplus in sales tax receipts over the 2013 forecast of $478 Million in sales taxes.

Should the county have a robust September and Holiday Season there is an outside chance they could hit $500 Million, an all time record.

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