Block adjacent Westchester Burger Company Targeted for Mixed Use by Armonk Developer Last December.

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Keystone Square

Original Project Targeted for Westchester Avenue and proposed last year by Saber Realty Advisors to the White Plains Planning Department. It is unclear whether this vision proposed for across the street from The Westchester retains its same components.


WPCNR BIG DEALER. August 22, 2013:

The proposal to develop a large mixed use project declared by Saber Real Estate Asvisors is not new.

It was originally proposed in December of 2012 and detailed in the Westchester Business Journal in its December 6, 2012 issue. Thanks again to another WPCNR reader, and diligent “archivist,” Tom Amenedo, for digging this out of the past.

Alex Philippidis noted the April reference to Robert Weitz’s RPW Group 1133 Westchester plan yesterday.

The Westchester Business Journal reported some details on the location where Saber Real Estate Advisors was going to try and develop a mixed use project on Westchester Avenue 8 months ago. Read the article right here:


The developer behind the project was reported to be Chauncey Station Partners.Ltd, of White Plains.

The location is 80 to 96 Westchester Avenue opposite The Westchester,  long a troubled block plagued by poor parking opportunities. The only business that stayed for a long period of time was Copies Unlimited that eventually moved to Valhalla after a decade.

The Business Journal reported last December, the project will contain either a hotel or senior living project, a restaurant and some retail.. The Business Journal reported in that article by Sam Barron, no plans had been filed  with White Plains at the time, but had discussed it with the planning department..

Whether the project still contains the same components is not known, since Saber Real Estate Advisors did not expand on details when they ballyhooed the project at last week’s real estate conference in White Plains.




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