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WPCNR CITY HALL CIRCUIT. From the Mayor’s Office. August 2, 2013:

On August 1, 2011, the French American School of New York (“FASNY”) submitted an application for Special Permit/Site Plan approval to establish a private elementary and secondary school (grades K-12) and an accessory nursery school at the site of the former Ridgeway Country Club (“Application”).

Having determined that the project might have significant adverse impacts on the environment, the Common Council declared itself Lead Agency for the environmental review of the Application and directed FASNY to prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (“DEIS”). FASNY prepared and submitted the DEIS. On August 2, 2012, the Common Council issued a Notice of Completion of the DEIS. Three duly noticed public hearings were held on the DEIS and written comments were received through November 30, 2012.

The Common Council has caused a Draft Final Environmental Impact Statement (“DFEIS”) to be prepared to respond to the comments made during the DEIS review process. The link below is to the DFEIS.

This document includes (1) FASNY’s proposed modifications to the original project described in the DEIS (“Modified Proposed Project”), such modifications made in response to comments received on the DEIS (Chapters 1.0-1.3); (2) FASNY’s environmental review of its Modified Proposed Project (Chapters 2.0-2.3); and (3) draft responses to comments received on the DEIS, prepared and reviewed by City staff, including responses to FASNY’s Modified Proposed Project (Chapters 3.1-3.21).

The DFEIS is currently under review by the Common Council to determine the completeness of such responses to the comments made during the DEIS review process.

No action will be taken on the FASNY Application until after the Common Council has accepted the DFEIS as complete and, subsequent thereto issued its environmental findings.


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