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Yesterday, my colleagues and I voted to protect democracy abroad by sending much-needed aid to Ukraine.

The over $60 billion in aid for Ukraine included in the bill will help them continue to stand against Putin, and I am proud to support them. War should never be our goal, but leaving Ukraine to fend for itself is not an option. They are in a fight for democracy, survival, and human rights. I am glad that we were able to secure the assistance they need and be consistent with our defense of human rights across the globe.

I have been calling for weeks to separate the multiple foreign aid bills being considered by Congress so that we can register our unwavering support for Ukraine in a stand-alone vote on the floor.

The decision to send weapons abroad should never be taken lightly, and each instance deserves careful thought and consideration.

Our government has a moral obligation to fight for peace, dignity, and our shared humanity in everything we do.

I was proud to take this vote in support of Ukraine as they fight their ongoing war with Russia. This is about standing up for our values on the global stage. The larger implications of their success are critical for the very foundation of democratic systems worldwide.

Peace and love,
Congressman Jamaal Bo

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