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WPCNR UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, By John F. Bailey. February 14, 2024:

Valentines Day is today. In order to get in the mood for love,  dispel the myths and  fiction notions about love, I have compiled a list of songs written over the years from ragtime to swing to the rock and roll era. They are the soundtrack of love, how it feels, how it hurts, how it saves you and nurtures your spirit, and lingers forever.

Those who have never been in love yet,  can seek out these songs as guidelines to judge whether they have a real love going, the real turtle soup and not merely the mock. (Thank you, Cole Porter)

Those of you not still in love or who miss it, can play these songs for memories and faith in the future that another love will come along because you miss love every day. I have probably left off yours. Feel free to write me and suggest other songs I have left out.

The best  observers — authorities on what love feels like are the songwriters–poets with melody. They write the feelings their minds and bodies and yes, their heart, as experienced. And put them in songs that grab you by heart and go to your head.

down and down they go like a leaf that’s caught in the tide. That Old Black Magic you weave so well”

The first 100 Love Songs of All Time titles and their  “signature lyrics”

  1. You Belong to Me

 (Fly the Ocean in a Silver Plane)

  1. You Made Me Love You

(I didn’t Want to Do it)

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby

(I was your Pretty, You were My Baby)

  1. In the Still of the Night

(I Remember)

  1. Sleepwalk  
  2. Blueberry Hill (I found my thrill…though we’re apart)

(I Found My Thrill)

  1. The Great Pretender

(Pretending You’re Still Around)

  1. Autumn Leaves

(That’s When I Miss You Most of All)

  1. Walkin After Midnight (Along the highway hopin’ I’d get a glance at you)
  2. My Heart Stood Still

 (Though not a single word was spoken, I could tell you knew
That unfelt clasp of hands told me so well that you knew
I never lived at all until the thrill of that moment When my heart stood still.)

  1. You Go to My Head

 (With a smile that makes my temperature rise
Like a summer with a thousand Julys You intoxicate my soul with your eyes)

  1. Red River Valley

(They Say You Are Going.We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile…)

  1. I want to be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart

 (I Want to Rope and Ride Across the Great Divide)

  1. Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darlin’

(Wait Along, Wait Along)

  1. Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes

(Far Over the Sea)

  1. Kiss and Say Goodbye

 (I wanna remember you just like this…)

  1. Begin the Beguine

(It Brings Back a Night of Tropical Splendor)

  1. Come Dance With Me

(Come on Cutes, Put on Your Dancing Boots and Dance with Me)

  1. Dancing in the Dark

(We Can Face the Music Together)

  1. Love Is Strange

(Without it you’re in awful fix. Once you’ve had it you never want to quit)

  1. Under the Boardwalk

 (down by the sea)

  1. One Night With You

( Is all I’m Hoping for…Always Lived in the Twilight.. ain’t never done no wrong)

  1. Treat Me Nice

(Don’t Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice)

  1. Night and Day

(You are the one)


  1. I Get a Kick Out of You

 (I Suddenly Turn and See…Your Fabulous Face)

  1. One for My Baby and One More for the Road

(Set em up, Joe)

  1. You’re the Top

(You’re the Coliseum, You’re the Louvre Museum)

  1. Too Close for Comfort


  1. Cheek to Cheek

(Nothing Thrills Me Half as Much as Dancing Cheek to Cheek)

  1. Nothing in Common

(It’s a Phenomenon!)

  1. Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off
  2. Same Old Song and Dance
  3. Something’s Gotta Give
  4. What’s New?

 (You haven’t changed a bit Lovely as ever, I must admit)

  1. You Took Advantage of Me
  2. I’ve Got You Under My Skin

(Deep in the Heart of Me)

  1. That Old Feeling

 (I felt a thrill when you caught my eye, my heart stood still)

  1. Let the Good Times Roll

(Feel so good now you’re home)

  1. You’ve Got What it Takes

( to set my soul on fire)

  1. You Keep Coming Back Like a Song

(The sweet used-to-be That was once you and me

Keeps coming back like an old melody)

  1. Always

(I’ll be loving you always)

  1. My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own

(I’ve Tried forgetting you..)

  1. Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool

(Everybody’s somebody’s plaything)

  1. Donna

(Where can you be?)

  1. The Carnival Is Over

(I will love you til I die)

  1. Just Walkin’ in the Rain

 (All because my heart can’t forget)

  1. She Wears Red Feathers in a Hula Hula Skirt
  2. The Last Dance

 (Save me the first dance in your dreams)

  1. Hey There

(You with the Stars in Your Eyes)

  1. Everybody Loves a Lover

(I’m a Lover, Everybody Loves Me)

  1. He’s So Fine

(Sooner or later he’s gonna me mine, I hope it’s not later)

  1. Rock and Roll Waltz

(Trying to Waltz to a Rock and Roll Song)

  1. Hey Little Girl in the High School Sweater

 (Carry your books and hold your arm?)

  1. All of Me

(Why Not Take?)

  1. Racing with the Moon

 (Till I Overtake the Moon and You)

  1. So Fine

(My Baby is so Fine, Sends Those Chills Up and Down My Spine)

  1. Chances Are

(Your chances are very Good)

  1. Misty

(Too Much in Love)

  1. Thanks for the Memory

( Of faults that you forgave, rainbows on a wave…Thank you so Much)

  1. A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody

(A pretty girl is like a melody That haunts you night and day
Just like the strain Of a haunting refrain)

  1. Black Coffee

 (Love’s a Hand-Me-Down Brew)

  1. Canadian Sunset

( When I saw you there on that ski trail)

  1. I Almost Lost My Mind

 (When I Lost my Baby)

  1. Tennessee Waltz

(I was dancing with my darlin’…)

65.   Laura

(The laugh that floats on a summer night) 

  1. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

 (Seen a lot But now I’m like sweet seventeen a lot
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered am I)

  1. Brown Eyed Girl

 (Where did we go?)

  1. You Send Me

(Honest you do)

  1. Oh Julie

 (Someday Julie, I’ll Be the Apple of Your Eye)

  1. Slip Away

( I Need You So)

  1. I’ll Be Seeing You

(In  All the Familiar Places)

  1. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

(Without You)

  1. Diana

(Stay with me, Diana)

  1. Love Me Tender

(All my Dreams Fulfilled)

  1. Fine Brown Frame

(Because I’m crazy ’bout, mad about, wild about Your fine brown frame)

  1. Met Him on Sunday

(He didn’t come Monday. He showed up Saturday, and I said Bye Bye Baby)

  1. I think I’m Into Something Good

 (Met a New Girl in the Neighborhood)

  1. Some Enchanted Evening

 (You may see a Stranger Across a Crowded Room,,you’ll see her again and again)

  1. I Could Have Danced All Night

(And still have danced Some More)

  1. On the Street Where You Live

(Oh, the Towering Feeling)

  1. At Last My Love Has Come Along

(You set my soul on fire, and  I’ve Really Had my Fun)

82. I Only Have Eyes for You

(Though millions of people walk by)

83 Just for a Thrill (You’re still the only one Cause you made my heart stand still)

84.  Stardust (Of love’s sweet refrain)

85.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes    (When a lovely flame dies)

86. Blues In the Night       

(A two-face, a worrisome thing
Who’ll leave ya to sing the blues in the night)

87. Love Letters In the Sand   (You laughed when I cried when the tide  would take our Love Letters from the Sand)

88. Born To Be With You (By your Side satisfied)

89. I Can’t Stop Loving You  (I’ve made up my mind to Live in Memory)

90. First Name Initial

(It Makes it Official, you’re my special guy)

91. When A Man Loves A Woman (Can’t Keep His Mind on Nothin’ Else)

92. Ci Ci Rider 

(The Moon Is Shining Bright, If I Could Just Walk with You Everything would Be All right)

93. Eddie My Love 

(Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long Ong Ong)

94 .Wonderland By Night  (Stars Hung Suspended)

95. In the Mood   (Don’t keep my chestnuts waiting when I’m in the Mood)

96. Moonlight Serenade

97.  Young Blood (I Can’t Get You off of My Mind)

98. Memories Are made of This   (The memories you gave me)

99.Once Upon A Time (A Girl with Moonlight in Her Eyes Told Me     She Loved  Me So, But that Was  Once Upon a Time very Long Ago)

100. VAYA CON DIOS   (My Love, May God Be With You  til we meet again)



 (Stills from The Big Sleep  (1946) of Bogart and Bacall, I never get tired of watching that movie)

May you and your Valentine always feel That Way.



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