White Plains CONSIDERS LOWERING speed limits to 25 MPH from 30 with some exceptions.

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WPCNR TRAFFIC TRIBUNE. From The City of White Plains. January 29, 2024:

Added to the agenda at the Special Meeting at City Hall Monday was an ordinance lowering the speed limit in White Plains with exceptions for key access  and egress routes.


Here are the street-by-street details showing exceptions to the 25 MPH limit:

  1. Central Westchester Parkway: from Grant Avenue to the City Line, 45 MPH
  2. Mamaroneck Avenue from Bryant Avenue to the City Line, 40 MPH EXCEPT SCHOOL DAYS, when it is reduced to 25 MPH in school zones marked by flashing lights and 25 MPH flasing signs.


  1. Mamaroneck Avenue From Bryant Avenue both North and South Bound to BLOMINGDALE RD, 30MPH


  1. North Street, both North and Southbound between Ridgeway and White Plains Avenue, 40MPH, except school days when limit is 25 MPH marked by flashing lights and signs reading 25MPH.


  1. North Street, both North and Southbound between Ridgeway to and the City line, 40MPH


  1. Westchester Avenue (eastbound) between White Plains Avenue and the City line, 40 MPH


  1. Westchester Avenue (eastbound) between Paulding Street and the Bloomingdale Road ramp, 30MPH


  1. Bryant Avenue, between North Street and Westchester Avenue both eastbound and westbound, 35MPH. From North Street to Mamaroneck Avenue, 30MPH


  1. Westchester Avenue Frontage Road eastbound from Bloomingdale Road ramp to I-287 eastbound junction, 40MPH


  1. Bloomingdale Road, 30MPH


  1. Central Avenue, 30 MPH


  1. North Broadway, northbound and southbound between Barker Avenue and the Cityline, 30MPH.


  1. Old Mamaroneck Road , northbound and southbound, between Bryant Avenue and the City line. 30MPH


  1. Tarrytown Road. 30MPH
  2. White Plains Avenue, 40MPH

A letter included in the “backup material” detailed the speed limit is being lowered under the new New York State Legislation (A.1007, A/S.2021-A)  which now allows cities to reduce city wide limits to 25 miles per hour in the amended Section 1643 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law. The former traffic the default maximum speed through a city, town, or village was 30 MPH.

By giving  municipalities local control to reduce speed limits, this legislation  will improve public safety and prevent pedestrian fatalities.

The amendment to the city Traffic Ordinance is in accordance with recommendations of the Transportation Commission, Department of Parking/Traffic Division and is to become effective upon adoption by the Common Council.

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