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WPCNR ALBANY ROUNDS. By John F. Bailey. June 8, 2023 UPDATED JUNE 9, 2023  6 PM EDT: 

The City of White Plains legislation granting the city the right to “alienate”(divest or sell) the Galleria Parking Garage has been passed by the Assembly, a WPCNR source following the legislation reported to WPCNR Friday evening

WPCNR has learned a  bill the City of White Plains submitted to State Senator Shelley Mayer Tuesday, sent to the Assembly Wednesday, where the bill A-7674 has cleared the Assembly Ways and Means Committee today  and put on the agenda today, and was heading to the Assembly Floor for a vote has been passed.

The bill was filed and spread by the Common Council on the consent agenda Monday evening. It went to State Senator Shelley Mayer’s office Friday June 2.

John Callahan, the Corporation Counsel for White Plains told WPCNR Thursday night  the bill if passed was submitted to State Senator Mayer and Assembly Woman Amy Paulin, “to give the city maximum flexibility if any formal proposals are submitted for the city parking garage.” 

He said “No offers have been made on the property. The Common Council would have to approve any sale of the property.”

The bill, already passed by the State Senate as of Wednesday, went to the Assembly ways and means committee which approved it to be sent to the assembly floor by late this afternoon.

Callahan noted to WPCNR, if the legislature did not approve the request for “alienation” of the garage property before the end of this session of the state legislature, it could be months to get the bill passed.




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