Prisoner of War- Missing-In-Action Flag Flies Over White Plains Again Telling “YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.”

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The POW-MIA Flag was returned to its tradition display station below Old Glory on the White Plains City Hall Flagpole yesterday afternoon and in Renaissance Square below with the Flag of Ukraine below.

The absence of the POW-MIA flag was noticed Monday by Carlo Albanese Commander of the Sons of the American Legion Squadron 1038 below right who brought the absence of the flag to the attention of the city and the city promptly raised the POW-MIA flag to its traditional place in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

Tonight on “People to Be Heard” at 8 PM., FIOS CH 45 COUNTYWIDE & IN WHITE PLAINS CH 76,Mr. Albanese and Alison Bergman, left,(a niece of a World War II soldier, Lieutenant Royal Scott Bergman who died while prisoner) talk about the origins of the POW-MIA flag, and are joined by Captain USAF (Ret.) Ralph Galati, from Pennsylvania, a prisoner of war held by the North Vietnamese for 3 years shares his experience of what being a POW was like, how he and other prisoners like him got through each day. He brings home the feeling that the POW-MIA flag reaches out to former POWs and those who never came back.

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